Why punish us for wanting to expand our hero slots?

Guys, it’s really not cool to increase the cost of expanding hero slots. 100 gems for only 5 slots was bad enough, but now I have to pay 200 gems??? Why would you increase that cost for this feature? Don’t you want people to keep playing and enjoying and expanding their library? It’s a really nasty penalty for something so trivial. This should go down to 50 stones per 5 slots. NO OTHER GAME increases the cost for wanting to increase your library capacity. Come on.


100% agreed on this one.

this is false. I can say with certainty that MANY CCG charges for extra slots and holders.

Just one example: Legend of Cryptids-- you have limited space but have to pay for ‘card boxes’

(also: not a bug @Rook @zephyr1 @Kerridoc)

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Thanks, @PeachyKeen, I guess this constitutes an idea/request:

In which case, there are existing topics that can be voted on and used for discussion. There are a bunch, here are a few:

Please continue discussion in one of the existing threads on this topic. This thread is a duplicate and will he closed. Thanks!


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