Why player rankings are meaningless and can never be made meaningful no matter how hard SG tries

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Any proof of this statement? Was it mentioned in any version release notes?


Yeah, there’s no way that’s true.

I’ve gotten plenty of great boards against top one hundred global competition, and plenty of crap boards against people hundreds of cups lower than me. The only difference is I can often win with those crap boards against softer competition.

The Alby - Kage - Guin - Grave - Alasie/Athena/Zeline’s of the world will eat you alive with a bad board, no matter what you come in with.


Id say :100: except the starting board fairy tale. Other then that, yes raiding is a joke and the entire ranking system is a joke. Till we can have real time battles againat each other (nfi why it has never been implemented.) Raids will always be laughable at best.

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you realize that Elo system doesnt apply here because you are not fighting another person? you are fighting an AI with another player’s name on it. such a meaningless wall of text.
everyone is in the same boat - everyone can reroll and adjust their attack team. the ranking is a measure of someone’s ego, perseverance, skill, hero roster and luck of the board, but mostly ego and luck.

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This is not really so. You have to keep in mind that after you picked an opponent and defeated them, opponent gets a chance to revenge. Amount of cups that can be gained during revenge is balanced to restore the position: the more you have the more you lose.

I didn’t really think whether E&P is a zero-sum game or not. Without that we can’t talk about use of Elo raiting system. In my understanding cup system introduced in E&P is good enough.

I don’t believe this game has ever claimed to use an Elo system… in fact the game fully admits in its helpbox that your ranking is a measurement of your trophies relative to other players. So yeah, that’s all it is, it’s not like the game is tricking you into thinking it’s skill based or anything here.

I agree that raids have never been fair for the defense team. This has been known for a while though.

Something interesting you noted was removing the re-roll function… well that did happen in the raid tournaments we got. And I think it’s also why they distribute rewards in player-base percentages rather than by top rankings; it would really suck to have a large amount of points and get third tier loot. The jury is still out on whether the Raid tournament system is fair yet, specially when some defense teams only got attacked a few times and got stuck with bad defense grades. But one thing that is certain to me is that the way it was implemented was considered carefully, with the concerns you raised in mind.

Except this one though…

Why is this such a common conspiracy theory around here? Have so many people seriously never taken a high school math class that touches on probability?

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Moderator please delete this useless post.

Moderator please delete this useless post.

It is possible, yes, but such a dependency has never be proven. On the other hand developers stated it explicitly that all boards are randomly generated without any dependency on a player’s team lineup.


did I say the topic disinterests me? my comment was about your ill-informed take on it.


My point isn’t whether it’s possible or not to write such an algorithm… My point with the probability remark is that tiles are random, hence why probability is a thing here… No such algorithm is in the game

You can choose to not believe me but this has been covered already:

You’re not wrong that rankings are meaningless. I agree with you on everything… except the bit about boards being stacked against you. There’s no secret code or algorithm that the game is trying to kill your chances of winning with… such comments undervalue your topic, which is a shame because it’s otherwise 100% correct.


You would then also agree that the match board population algorithm for alliance wars is completely random, and that nothing changed since v 19?

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