Why oh wtf


Ok been playing this game for awhile try not to complain but come on bought a elemental 10 summons and all I got was 4 bane and 4 3 star staff and two dawa hood lady come on that is bullshit complete **** I don’t mind getting 3 stars but come on you rip me the **** off


Eloquent, but relatable.



I’m so sorry! Bane is…well, a bane, to many around here…


It was not the fact I got bane it was the fact I got five bane four of the lady with the staff and two dawa in elemental summons I would of like a diverse draw it frustrates me that spent money on it to try it and got no variety won’t be spending any more money on summons again


Well that’s a good point. Is there a way to prevent duplicate draws in the same roll?


That is just how summons work in this game. I find the odds of getting anything even when paying way too low. I understand when it is free but if you are paying good money why are the odds so poor?


I also got nothing but garbage 3* with duplicates. I would have been happy with one little 4* out of 10. I won’t spend any more money on gems.


Is it possible to change it, rather than say “this is the way it’s currently done”?

I’m just wondering if it’s possible (and how annoying/expensive if would be to implement…)


It is not a matter of “possible to change” but rather if they want to change it. Right now the GEMs are so expensive and the odds are so bad, I can never see myself flushing money down the toilet like that.


This wouldn’t be beneficial for the Devs in the case of elemental summons. In elemental summons the pool is so small that if a x10 pull had no duplicates, you’d be guaranteed a 5* hero, possibly several.

It would be lovely though if the odds were a little better.


I think duplicates are fine as long as you don’t get 10 3* cards on a 10 pull. They should have some type of minimum of atleast 2 4* cards per 10 pull so you don’t feel ripped off.


Lots of mobile games seem to have this system in place.

For example, x10 pulls, two guaranteed epic or higher. This means that you could get more than two epics. You could even get a legendary hero. Possibly even several. But no matter what you’d get, you’d get at least two epic 4* heroes, and not feel like you’ve completely wasted your money.


It’s not beneficial to the Devs if people stop spending money. I’m wondering if there is some kind of compromise that will make everyone happy… :confused:


If that were the case I could do a legendary 10x roll of almost any color and pull every single card in the deck as there’s basically 10 identically on some IIRC. :slight_smile:


Then maybe the 10-rolls should be limited to Epic, and maybe a 5-roll or something be made available to Elemental. Hmm?


MIght work or something scaled like that; I’d think a 10x epic roll today would be pretty dupe unfriendly? Legendary is sorta cursed just based on the number of heroes for something like holy, dupes will simply accrue heh.


Many similar games have a guaranteed minimum result if you decide to do the “big” pull, in this game the 10x pull. It would be easy to guarantee at least one 4* when pulling 10x. This result is still less than average I think. It would not change much to the game and would certainly not stop people from spending cash, probably he opposite. What it would do is protect people from having that sort of unnecessarily bad draws. I think it’s the compromise you are looking for @Rook


I have spent ~$300 (2 x $99 packs, 2 x of 29.99, and a few $19.99 packs).
After spending all that, I did NOT get one single legendary - so I know how you feel, Hammerhead!
I have decided I will no longer spend on this game.
I used to play several times daily. Now, I am down to once every 2-3 days. By doing this, my food and iron supply are full to the brim. :wink:


Yeah. I like it. Now will the Devs agree?


Np, just feed bane to a 3*, the game will figure that out. Butt… …if ur cash is short, feel free to bootstrap, I do.
Psst, I’ve gotten 3* drops, so u needn’t feel beat up on.
Ps2 I doubt it, will ‘unbalance’ game