Why not with gems?

CGoodmorning, since the only items I find useful to face titans , are tornadoes and time stoppers , and since, although I really do farm a lot, I am always missing out on something, wouldn’t it be a good idea to give the possibility to buy that one missing material with some gems? We use them basically for everything … so @Petri. @Sara why not for a nugget, a dragon bone or some crude iron ? Let’s say I am missing out on some of this last ( 5 gems and I get some) being able to buy it would make things easier! To me that would be a good way to spend gems… it’s just my idea! By the way… why is it so difficult for some of us to get those rare chests? I always wonder abou the mysteries of this game …:flushed::thinking:

A single axe attack cost 70 gems.
A single small green potions 20.
There’s no way they give us dragon bones and nuggets for 5 gems. Would be cool, but still unlikely.

Your best investment is still buy refills of world energy and cross your fingers.


Exactly what I was gonna say. If a dragon attack costs 70, a tornado would cost 300. So a nugget to make it would cost around 120 gems.

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Well 5 was a merely indicative number, yet we’d be buying one of the materials necessary to build a tool …not the whole thing…

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