Why not Weekly Tournaments?


  • Tournaments once a week
  • Tournaments twice a week
  • Tournaments once a month

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If nothing else, it will appease players who are fed up with Alliance Wars.

Tournaments are fun, easy for SG to make, and offer many incentives to play (flasks, loot, etc.). Plus I get to use my 3* heroes!


What exactely do you mean with the word tournament ?


Tha thanks for pointing out my mistake. I thought they were called tournaments, but perhaps these photos will clear things up.


To run events every week would be far to much for the average player to even compete in.
To do well you need to stock up on a lot of items it’s not just running boards.
Much as I would love to see more events it would put a lot off and I know I would not have time to do a lot of them


Challenge Events are huge item drains and give out big rewards. If they ran more often, the rewards would be slashed. Sorry, no.

I would be happy seeing wars run less often. A war every five days would suit me fine.


I don’t use many resources during events–a few attack banners, mana potions , 3 or 4 world energy flasks, & arrows–no more than what I’d use for titans or working the map.

As I said before, I like using rare 3* Heroes for these events. I have 30 ascended 3* heroes ready for battle.


I play to win, and won I have. Placing top-10in a challenge event requires a massive investment in items. I plan months in advance which events I want to be competitive in to accumulate the items for that event. Weekly events would completely change the dynamic—possibly for the better, but certainly would change the current approach. I am also still certain that SGG wouldn’t ha d out such rich rewards weekly.


Thanks for sharing. It takes a lot of commitment to do what you do.

I’m happy just to make the top 20…thousand!


I’m really enjoying this week’s event.

I truly believe that if we had events every week, most of the other complaints about crappy loot would disappear.


Rather than having events every week, why not reduce the difficulty on the last level. People who needs ascension item most cannot get them while people who do not need them gets them


If we had these events weekly, I’d bet that the rewards would be slashed by, hmm, a factor of 4?

I believe that SGG has a target “flow rate” of rare ascension materials into the game. They are not going to suddenly open the floodgates.


You’re probably correct when you say they would cut back loot for events if they were running once a week.

I think that with the development of season 2, SG will come up with 6* Heroes, more expensive ascension items, etc.

As long as the game expands & players are willing to pay for certain items, it doesn’t matter to SG how many or how few trinkets they give away.


We’ve already gotten a hint of a way of further powering existing heroes beyond today’s max. I’m thinking about it as a “fifth ascension” which will keep existing 5* heroes at the top of the game but require some massive investment to push them up another notch.