Why not using 30 heroes for war defense too?

I don’t know if this question was here before, but I think is normal to be like that. We set up 6 teams , they kill the first, come the second and so on. This will make place for more strategy, tactics, and fun. Thinking how important is the order of your teams and how the opponent have to anticipate your strategy. Also like this the hero rooster is more valuable than the top 5 heroes. You have less problems in matchmaking also. Now if the oponent have a better defense (top 5 hero) you’re 4,5,6 teams they struggle to take a out a single hero. Why these nonsense? Also it would look more realistic than to wait a team 6 hours to resurrect, and go to heaven again… Let me know if you like this ideea.

6h wait :joy: Kill all and they respawn instantly :sunglasses:

Setting up multiple defence teams could be fun. Emphasizes importance of roster depth even more than it does now.

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