Why not using 30 heroes for war defense too? / Multiple War Defense teams

I don’t know if this question was here before, but I think is normal to be like that. We set up 6 teams , they kill the first, come the second and so on. This will make place for more strategy, tactics, and fun. Thinking how important is the order of your teams and how the opponent have to anticipate your strategy. Also like this the hero rooster is more valuable than the top 5 heroes. You have less problems in matchmaking also. Now if the oponent have a better defense (top 5 hero) you’re 4,5,6 teams they struggle to take a out a single hero. Why these nonsense? Also it would look more realistic than to wait a team 6 hours to resurrect, and go to heaven again… Let me know if you like this ideea.

6h wait :joy: Kill all and they respawn instantly :sunglasses:

Setting up multiple defence teams could be fun. Emphasizes importance of roster depth even more than it does now.


This is a great idea and would make this game so much more of a rich experience. Today a team of only fully leveled 5’s could have about 700 in TS difference to defence. That didn’t exist when OP wrote this suggestion due to emblems. The idea fits even better now is what I say :slight_smile:

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I absolutely love this idea.

One of my greatest joys is setting up defence teams. Thinking about synergies etc. Thats why I love tournaments so much.

This will add a whole new layer of tactical depth. I love it.


More recent suggestion of the same idea:


More recent suggestion of the same idea:
It’s a really interesting idea. Couple of problems, though.
First: Team matching. The program would have to be altered to match up hundreds of heroes on each team, possibly the top 30 for each player. While it might result in better matched opponents, that’s a lot of calculation. And a lot of time putting several separate defenses together.

Second: Roster depth. I’m still struggling to get 6 decent attack teams. Even allowing for using the same heroes for offense & defense, it makes it even harder to fill them. It would make participation in the Wars harder for newer players. But for seasoned players with well developed rosters, it could be a blast.

Maybe the solution would be to create an upper tier arena for really heavy duty alliances that have that kind of firepower. It would give the most competitive alliances a goal; qualifying to participate. But for more casual alliances and players, I think it’s just more pressure to grow faster, and possibly even a disincentive.



One of the best ideas I’ve seen and I’ve been playing since day 1 although I think you could ease the pressure on the newer players especially, if it was 25 heroes 5 teams 5team 4 team 3* team 2* team and a 1* team this would make all heroes in the game useful aswell

That would really suck for upper level alliances. Anything less than a 5* team is an instant one-shot.

And we’ve been down that “playing with your food” argument in raid tournaments.

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  • To qualify for war, you MUST have 30 heroes.
  • To become a participant in war, you MUST setup 6 different defense teams using each hero only once.
  • Out of the 6 teams, you check a box on ONE and that team is to be your Main Defense and starts every war.
  • Once your Main Defense team is defeated, the game rngs one of the remaining 5 teams you created for war ~or second possibility ~ it replaces your Main Defense in sequence from the players ranking preference: Main to 6th ranked.

Adds depth to war strategy.
Players would then have a use for multiples of good defensive heros.
Further encourages eliminating the enemy garrison and forcing the reset.
Emblems and mats shift around instead of being dumped onto one OP team.
Dilutes the frustration of fighting an obviously stronger opponent.
Forces roster depth in order to consistently win wars.
F2P, C2P may be able to one-shot a CC warrior’s 5th or 6th ranked defense team.

Lack of emblems, mats, or heros will lead to more tears than already exist.
RNGesus can strike and your God tier defense gets tagged in by your 6th ranked one.
Forces roster depth in order to consistently win wars.
F2P, C2P may be able to one-shot a CC warrior’s 5th or 6th ranked defense team.

Thoughts & Possibilities:

  • If this seems unfair to players without 30 decent / powerful heroes, you could reduce the quantity of required War defenses from 6 to 3.
  • There could be an option to use a single war flag to reset your defense team to your Main Defense team.
  • Perhaps the “war buff” is turned OFF until / if the opponent forces a “reset” and all enemy heroes’ teams are replaced by their 2nd-6th teams.
  • The “Halftime” 12 hour mark could auto reset teams to a randomly generated team.
  • The “Halftime” 12 hour mark could be removed and immediately 6 flags are available.
  • The reset could be removed, as in, once your Main Defense is eliminated, your 2nd team takes its place immediately. No timer. No reset. The could go in sequence from Main Defense to 6th Defense.
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I like this idea except that costumes lock on war defense members, so now you could have 30 heros on defense and not be able to change their costumes on offense. Before costumes this would have been better. I think letting Alliances opt into this would be good.

I also like the max star team idea, but only for Alliances that opt in as that would be very different.


Maybe there needs to be different leagues for something like this to happen. Different leagues, different rewards.

I’d like to see them do something to spice up wars. Maybe this isn’t it, but I’d like them to do something.

I suspect one interesting by product of having 6 defense teams is that when you’re in a war, every team you attack would no longer have the same color tank. this would make for a much more enjoyable experience on offense as its sort of tedious to only attack one specific color over and over and over

The Solution to inject new life into this game and boy it needs this!

Ok, I have been playing for about 2 years. The Telluria problem has got out of control, people are leaving the game some top alliances have broken up because of this. The only proper solution to this problem is as follows:

Solution. 6 war teams & 6 defence teams.

So simple and will open up so much in this game.

Imagine the tactics you could employ.

The opposition can only see your first defence team on the board. When you are killed your second choice defence pops up and so on. They may never see your last team. Maybe the timings can be altered so they do. No refreshing of the board is needed in this instance.

Do you go Mono with all your defence. Do you go 3/2, do you put up a weaker defence with your first team to get rid of all their stronger players. The possibilities are endless.

Not only will you have a more tactically lead war you would also stop this Telluria problem. Unless of course someone has 6 maxed Tellurias.

This is a simple and positive solution to the problem of Telluria and people stacking +20 emblems on their defence.

It would give others a chance to outwit the top 100 pay to play teams that all seem to have the same teams on defence turning this game stale.

I for one would love to see this happen.

Please share your thoughts



Started this to see what people think and maybe make a suggestion.

What if in war you had to set up your defense just like you do offense . Say you set your first defense team and they are taken out in wave one , why not have it set up so you have to set up six defense teams and as they are killed off another team steps in for your defense. That way your not facing Tell possible 6 time in a war . I mean you have to pick offense teams and you can only use each hero once why not do the defense the same , it would sure make for better wars and members would have to strategize alot more right …

Anyway your thoughts are welcome .

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What the game needs is more diverse ways of playing defense so it’s more balanced and more interesting to fight against them. I think multiple teams on war (or a war-like system) is a great idea.

We have millions of ways of pairing offensive teams, but you only need 01 good versatile defensive team and you can use it everywhere. Tournaments even try to counter it but if the defence is good it’s used everywhere and it gets annoying, and the whole telluria situation just made it very clear.


The only problem I see in setting up 30 heroes for defense in war is that it’s very easy for warring alliance to down an opponent’s roster to see who is the weakest(s) link and goes after those players while avoiding the the stronger players.

I have a fair war proposal to determine the 2nd and 3rd defense team instead of just one team before the match, so that when the first 5 die, the next 5 will go into defense. The hero can be used once in defense as well as in attack. (translation used)


No problem since you can only kill those weak teams once. When you killed a team 6 times it doesn’t get resurrected and you need to kill stronger teams. Now almost all farm those that are weakest anyway. 2-3 times before going all in and also face the tougher teams.

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Today’s wars, you set up your best defensive team and the other opponent attacks the same team even after that team has been beat, it re spawns. Now you only get 1 attack with your attack team and then you have to assign another group of back ups to continually fight for the remaining 5 rounds, same process… So at round 5 your best attack team left is at 3200, still fighting a 4600 defensive that has been beaten more than once, but still re spawns…My suggestion is after your 1st best defensive team has been defeated, you would have a certain amount of time to assign another group of your best defensive team and so on. This would make everyone have to spread out their emblems throughout all their teams, keeping people from just stacking 1 team but creating more competitive ones for battle…This is another way to use all those repetitive heroes you win and actually be able to use them for something instead just food for your 5*s… This would create a whole new way of battle which kinda evens the playing field and increases revenue for the game and multiple skill settings instead of just stacking 1 team, 1 strategy…

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I’m sure this has been suggested elsewhere but I can’t find it right now.

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