Why not making separate titans appearances for path of valor?

I mean with path of valor killing titans isn’t fun anymore. If an alliance isn’t super strong you need to skip titans once in a while. So why not making a separate class of titans for path of valor. Or stages with titans. In general bringing a variety of new titans with better loot will make it more exciting.

I don’t want more titans, we already have more than enough things to do IMO.

Finishing titans for PoV isn’t hard, I’m not in super strong alliance, we are fighting 11* and rare 12* so we are skipping some titans and without leaving alliance for titans we usually end “kill titans” challenge around week before PoV ends.


I like to see a change. I think we have too many events.

I agree that a new variety of titans would be nice. However, I think that Mythic Titan is their way to change up titans for all alliances already though.

I understand it can be difficult if your alliance isn’t as strong as you’d like. If it really bothers, I suggest you consider moving alliances.

Btw, only the alliances at the very top (meaning top 100ish) are killing titans every 23 hours. Meaning most alliances have to skip titans. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can pretty easily complete PoV, even skipping every third titan. (Most average skipping every fifth…)

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Thing is that for the normal player who dont pay for pov the most important thing in POV is the 48 epic ascention material. So why someone should go through all this STRESS in order to get one ascention material? Just put the ascention material at level 30 or 35 for example and make the other levels accesable only for players who buy everything in this game. ITS REALLY SO SIMPLE. Make the game enjoyable.

My alliance skips titans 1-2 a week and we still finish that PoV quest. Even when I completely miss hitting a couple we kill :laughing: .

It is not a difficult quest to fulfill as is.


I can’t work out how to create a new post so figured I’d just reply and maybe someone will see this and post.

Can the developers please look at creating some sort of market place where ascension items can be traded within teams. It could even go as far as trading duplicate heros. It would strengthen team ties and be really popular.

Just search for trading.

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