Why not have a war manager feature?

I wish there was a feature to have a war master in your alliance, who could hold spots for people who call them, assign war enemys to specific people. Also a chat head feature like FB messenger would be pretty amazing.

Would be really great to be in an alliance that works as a team and doesn’t need such features

Oh wait i already am…


I think a lot of alliances do have a war master.

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All the alliances don’t have 30 players with 40 5* to do wars.

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You don’t need all that to be a team.


Teamwork is teamwork, whether you have 30 players with full 5* war bunches, or 15 players with variable benches.

You do your best with what you have. :wink:


Didn’t say you did just saying it would be a cool feature

I meant like a promotable position. Also I wish they had chat heads

You can certainly suggest it in the idea section and let players vote on it. :slight_smile:


I know of at least one alliance that rotates their war leader on a weekly basis.

I’ve just moved this thread over to the #ideas-feature-requests section.

My alliance (and I’m sure I’m not alone) relies on a combination of tools to coordinate and communicate.

  1. We do have an assigned Warlord or two. Their job is to help implement the strategy that they and alliance leadership have agreed.
  2. We use the chat banner to communicate general info, i.e. whether we’re in a free-for-all stage or holding to let some teams reset.
  3. We use both Discord and LINE to discuss stuff and share videos.

There are some things in-game that would be great to have:

  • Enemy team lock - prevent all hits on an enemy team. Sometimes we’re trying to leave one or more teams until certain other teams respawn, so then we can kill those easy teams, kill the last few standard teams and force a global reset.
  • Enemy team highlight - flag a team as an attack priority

Shhhh don’t take away all their excuses. They’ll have to go to ol reliable of “but then we’d have to recruit more”. I’d much rather hear some new ones. The “cant work as a team without a deep roster” excuse is a first i think.


No one’s fault but the team’s if you guys dont have 30 players. I know personally Crew-Saders doesnt go longer than 48 hrs with less than 30 players and we’re not a well known top 10 alliance so…

Might also mention I’m 99% positive I’m 1 out of 3, maybe less, in the team that has over 25 maxed 5s

How you thought either of those things coordinated into teamwork for wars is beyond me

Alright excuse squashed. Got another one?


  1. Works as a team and coordinates for wars. They may or may not have a dedicated war leader to set strategy, assign who to hit, and coordinate times. The role is most likely agreed upon in line or discord.
  2. Is a casual alliance that RL prevents from coordinating that closely, and up to 1/2 don’t participate in wars. They likely don’t need/have a war leader.
  3. Is an uncoordinated alliance that doesn’t communicate hitting willy nilly. A war leader would not help.

I don’t see the need for the coding effort required to create another assigned alliance role. I’d rather see that effort put elsewhere in the game.


Why was this in response to me?

I have no idea…it should have been in general.

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Quit drinkin on the job. I’m tellin petri…

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This is what I envisioned when I read to OP. Thank you for clarifying it and adding to the discussion; these would indeed be useful tools for leadership to have at any level of alliance.

The team locks/marks could be controlled by Co-Leads or above in rank, as generally war masters are already given that title within the alliance. It also allows flexibility for international alliances to make changes if the war masters are busy or sleeping.


So not being as social media savvy as most I googled (actually not since I don’t use google but that’s another story) “chat heads” and 9 out of 10 hits were “how to disable chat heads”.


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