Why not delete?

I as a rule don’t do challenge events … there just for those who can/pay to win. how ever after a year of play I thought why not … I get to the legendary last lvl and there’s no way past??? Sure if I want to pay I’m sure I could ,as others in my team have but for those with out the money I guess to bad ehhh

Disappointing :((

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Hi Benny. Sorry to hear of your experience.

I’ve never paid a penny and passed legendary without a problem.

Ok, I’m miles away from a big score, but I still got the materials and token, which scored me a 5*.

I don’t mean to brag, rather encourage you that it’s very achievable AND success breeds success - a few more heroes means higher titan hits, which means more loot etc etc.

If you are not having fun, yes, delete and walk away.

But if you do like the game of Endurance and Perseverance then whether you are Pay 2 Win or Free 2 Play - make sure you are Play 2 Enjoy (that’s a new one, thanks to @AngelPaladin)

Post your roster and the good folk of the forum can offer advice


I assume you’ve tried some of the suggestions on this form as to how to win the last fight, and they’re just not working for you. Can you tell us a bit about what’s happening for you in the last fight so we can try to give more tailored advice? There are lots of us here who will be happy to help if we can.


Axes, bombs, dragon attacks, mana potions

Mana up before boss stage by ghosting tiles where 2 monsters used to be and fill all 5 hero’s mana before killing 3rd minster and advancing to bosses.

If you have peoteus or merlin or hansel they can help as insurance but typically not needed. Legendary is quite beatable with training camp 4* heros


well … it looks like you are wrong, successful or not is not seen from money. I have a second account that is purely not using money and not using VIPs from the beginning of playing but I am able to complete the legendary and epic avalon with a hero 4 *. we can ask questions and share problems with friends in this forum. many of the members in this forum are not great heroes but because they want to ask they managed to skip the event.
that’s the point in making a public forum empires :wink::wink:


They aren’t just for those who can pay to win. If you can’t handle it yet, it’s just a matter of leveling and ascending your heroes until you can. It’s entirely possible to do legendary with a team of 4*


I found a lot of great people in this forum, that really willing to help, share the knowledge and spent the time to give advice for anyone who needed and ask.

The game is for fun with or without pay a peny.

Note: hope u can pass the challenge and don’t forget to have Fun! Good luck!


==Completing Legendary tier==

I agree with JonahTheBard.

If you actually want to complete Legendary tier, post your roster and people will help.

==Epic tier==

I do not spend energy on the Legendary tier in a challenge event. I do not spend energy on the Rare tier in a challenge event.

I complete the Epic, get my two 3* ascension items, spend 900 gems if I need a 4* hero from the event, and I am done.

I dont think teir completion in challenge events is ptw. I’ve seen some people finish legendary with maxed 4* teams or a mix of maxed 4* heroes and unmaxed tc20 5* heroes

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Most important for the last level is have your explosives and gems ready, fire them directly, first select guin and fire all your heroes. Normally Guin will be nearly dead and must be blown away. After guin has gone, rest is rather peanuts :smiley:

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as I see it @Benny is very very rarely on the forum… so i guess he just came to get off his frustration

sorry Benny if Im wrong; dont give up, mate! you can do it! :slight_smile:


While I was pure F2P (changed to C2P in the last couple of months), I regularly finished all three difficulties. Also regularly scored ~410k in rare (to secure top3000 reward) with my 25-30 fully ascended 3* heroes.

Yes thank u alI had little trouble making it to the last lvl just crazy how what ever I tried there was no getting past that last lvl. For what ever reason. It matters little now as it’s all over…

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hmmm … don’t grieve, the monthly event continues.
I will give tips on my method. usually 1 month before the event I have studied the event that will appear, I collect all monthly event info.
from there I study the boss I will fight and then I focus and train the hero that I will bring to the event. so once the event starts we are ready.

Note : and another do not forget the troop because that is an important point too

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And start to collect and craft battle Item before event, that u might need : dragon attack, bom, axe, time stop or manna thats defenitely your weapon to face all the bosses.


Thanks I will continue on and maybe I’ll give to another go :wink:


yes this is also an important point, upgrade your forge building to level 16 :wink::wink: