Why not 4 star red hero

Seriously i bought some offers waiting for the red portal to summon a 4 red Hero. You gave me Grazul months ago but with it i cannot win Epic challanges . I dont ask too much , you gave me two 4 for each color in yellow a 5 too, but why negating me that precious and usefull 4 red ? All i got once and once again is that boring same 3 star character.

Ok you did empires i will stop spending money i Will level up costume hawkmoon and do what i can with her and with that boring Fire bold guy . I Will build them talents and with that and other 4 heroes try to beat Next Epic challanges .

if you please in several months i would be thanksfull if im able to beat epic challanges . But for that i need you stop giving me 3 star all the time

Ok i downloaded my frustration sorry

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