Why Noor is slow and Hulda average?

Why Noor is slow and Hulda average? 30% HP per minion vs 31% HP. Besides that, Hulda’s minions are super powerful. Even average Devana’s 35% HP minion to herself is a joke.


Because heroes you draw for are typically stronger than heroes of the month. Not the answer you want but it is what it is.


Ever since the introduction of soul exchange we have an SG admission that heroes are not created equally.

We all assumed it for a while now.


I don’t think we’ll ever get a sufficient answer to that, since heroes aren’t released in one block but rather developed over time.

Power creep will always lead to some gap in terms of stats or skill design. Here it’s years between them.

Sooooo even as I love Noor much (and I voted for buffing her towards staff ) but I think she won’t be adjusted in a way that would make her reasonably designed in comparison to the newest S4 heroes.

That been said, we always can send signals towards staff and maybe will be surprised one day :slight_smile:


the sad fact that balance in this game is waaay out of hand at this point.

it is a wishlist to just make some heroes usable at this point.
noor is one of the heroes i really like but she is too weak for her speed and never ascended her


two different things going on here, imo:

  1. SG’s claims of balance are outright disingenuous at this point. it’s pretty obvious from the way HotM builds are compared to event heroes. and like Ruskin said, the Soul Exchange mechanic is basically them admitting some 5* heroes are more valuable than others when they might have been able to tongue-in-cheek it before about “balance.”

that said, Remus also has an astute point about the time lag between these particular hero releases.

  1. i do think there’s merit to having different hero types across the spectrum of the game. an easy example is Melendor: he’s a healer, but his stats are anything but healer-like–have your seen base Melendor’s attack stat?!

that doesn’t mean it’s a bad hero or even a bad design, at least inherently. if your roster doesn’t have all the things that contribute to the biggest titan scores, Melendor can be a nice compromise because you still get high tile damage from the big attack stat and survivability by bringing a healer. there are ways to utilize heroes that might not necessarily seem to be in sync with themselves in terms of abilities and stats at first glance.

there can room in the game for all sorts of hero archetypes. heavy defense support heroes, heavy offense support, defensive snipers, hit-all heroes with weak attack stats. caster-only minions with little HP, caster-only minions with fat HP numbers, etc. etc. etc. Hulda throws a wrench into these considerations, but on their own, there’s nothing inherently wrong with having heroes that do similar things at different mana speeds*, with different stats, with different minion abilities, etc.

*they should never have released Frigg and Morel at fast speed. (not calling for them to be nerfed now that they’re in the game, but yikes.)


That’s because you have to use another card to activate Hulda, the credit card.

Jokes aside, I don’t know. It’s not like Noor is that old, at least I don’t feel it is.
Even if she was average I would take Hulda in a heartbeat. Maybe even if she was fast, but then I’m not so sure.

Some people are already asking for her to be nerfed, it’s a strong possibility, let’s see what happens next


Noor has ALWAYS sucked and should have been average from the get go. Barring a few defenders of Noor, she was basically universally panned, ultimately shelved, and completely forgotten about.


Without a doubt Noor is a correct hero if used properly he is great in attack. In defense he is a bad hero. The problem is the unplayable heroes like Exeera, S Loki…

By the way Noor is brutal to attack Hulda. Attacking her with Noor and Viscaro could do little for Hulda. Although he is obviously much better defensively than my dear Noor.

Yeah, unfortunately Noor from the get-go was poorly balanced and SGG seemed to think her minions were so devastating that that was all she could do, summon minions at Slow speed.

Noor is a case of a developer not really understanding their own game more so than a case of power creep (which is also true of course).

I think the community did the best it could but SGG is a developer that especially doesn’t listen…

Let’s not just blame SGG, let’s also blame @Homaclese too :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not Hulda too good, it’s Noor broken.

Now I can’t wait to hear from Noor’s advocates and fan club stating she’s best hero ever, it’s only 99.99% of players unable to understand her extreme worth.


Such a good question. I guess…Noor being slow still makes her better than Hulda for me. Because, well. I have Noor. I do not have Hulda :sweat_smile: (Noor is actually one of only three red five stars I have gotten, so she got ascended)

Ultimately, new heroes must be desirable to pay for. I´m not sure, why the intense amount of new heroes are what it is nowand seems to continue; I thought this game was a goldmine already.


because sgg has a pathological, irrational objection to changing mana speed. Telly might have been fine at slow, and Noor would be much more serviceable at average… but because they were released as average & slow, respectively, they refuse to change that


Very simple: because they can.

But seriously sometimes it’s just taking a very long time before things are being fixed (Inari could be an example), sometimes it’s getting addressed faster (Tellu-gate).

In both cases a lot of people complained one way or the other. So yes these things happen. Let’s hope that they sort it out.

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Very simple:
Noor as HOTM does not generate more pulls (read: more money).
Hulda as an OP hero in what is basically a dead portal now does generate more pulls (read: more money).
If Hulda came out as a B+ type hero then most players who spend who have gathered a fair but of the S4 fives wouldn’t spend to pull at this portal.
Make sense?

Watch as this plays out over and over again. (Looking at you new S2 heroes and costumes!)


Then there are odd cases like myself, I have 2 S3 5* heroes (Sif and Frigg), although I’ve tried to pull for alfrike and skadi but without luck.

And not a single damn 5* from the second season (I can promise I tried :rofl: :rofl:)

No 5* in the 4th season for me either, TBH though I’m far from finishing, 27th province in normal and 5th in hard, so I have a good bunch of summons to do.

Razgriz as in Ace Combat? OT I know but just was wondering as I was a big AC fan.

Indeed. I’m still a big fan, their last release is every bit as brilliant as the classic ones were.

Squadron leader is my all time fav game, I love the story and the plot. RAZGRIZ became my online nickname for websites of this sort a long time ago and it doesn’t feel like it’s gonna change anytime soon.

In fact you can find me in empires with that very same name :rofl:

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huldas minions doesnt attack,… noor does