Why no special offers

How come there is no offers other than event 200 gem x 5 on saterday, usually there is somrthing on weekend.

There’s no fixed day or period for offers.

If you are eager to do summon event pulls, buy before hand whatever offer seems good to you in advance.

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200 gem x5 is usually only during events.

But OP is right that there’s usually a big offer on Saturday of an event so that patient people can get a big chunk of gems for summoning. 5x200 isn’t even a good start if you’re serious about getting event 5*s.


Let’s give some ideas to the devs… People are demanding more offers to spend money!!!

Bring more :gem:

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I feel like I have noticed a decrease in my favorite offer; the $29.99 one that cycles through different epic ascension mats. I always buy it. Wish it was around more…


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