Why no outposts in Atlantis?

I was too dumbfounded by the intricate story lines to explain it.



I think that to build them we should ask for permission to the inhabitants or to wage war.

You don’t implement a game feature in season 1 to build further on that in season 2, because that would be logical.

And nothing bores like logic does.


I’m trying to fight underwater with armor, swords and bows here!

Need concentration!


I recall an incident on Acheron Island (Province 12 ). Mitsuko demanded that Richard and his army hand over their weapons and valuables.

Richard refused and said, “We will fight!”

The game’s called EMPIRES & puzzles! If nowhere else in Atlantis, there should be an outpost at the end of Province 12.

We have empires to build!

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I don’t know if they will add it so soon but, they are adding one for sure at some point. Did you notice the building right in the center of the map is showing up more and more as we advance through the map? loving it! sorta looks like Zora’s place in Zelda lol


This bit bugged me considerably. That’s called customs and it’s a pretty reasonable request.

Good luck to Richard with getting through any airport security without getting tased and strip searched if that’s his attitude.

On topic - I liked outposts too


I know this is stretching it, but if I’m going to try and justify why there aren’t outposts in season 2…

In season 1, you were conquering/freeing lands that had been under the control of the dark lord (I think… Don’t remember it completely). It would make sense to conquer and then man the outposts along the way.

In season 2, we’re journeying through these lands to solve the mystery of Atlantis. We’re not attempting to conquer Atlantis and rule it through outposts.

Only thieves and robbers demand that travellers turn over their valuables!

And the Inland Revenue :rofl:

Thanks for pointing that out! It appears that Atlantis is going to be rising up from the ocean. There’s also a tower/lighthouse at 10’o’clock (NW) from the main building.

Interesting, I wonder if that will be a new area for buildings. I wouldn’t complain about an Ascension Material Forge lol

Weapons, okay, but valuables? Are they the TSA?

That’s an import tariff. I doubt they have a free trade agreement in place, so it’s to be expected.

Richard needs to put his energy into a unified economic area treaty instead of swinging his hammer.