Why no Morgan or Falcon tanks?

I was looking through the stats yesterday and was trying to figure out why more folks aren’t using Morgan in general, and as a tank in particular. She’s maybe not quite as tough as Ares, Guin, or Justice, But she’s in the same league (defense-wise) with the other “viable” tanks, and has that nasty self heal to boot.

Same deal with Guardian Falcon. He bests Boldtusk from a defense perspective, and in fact only Boril has a higher defensive stat. He doesn’t have a self heal, but the local AE damage and ther fire debuff are super valuable when paired with another red.

What gives?

I do not by any means know the nuances of high level strategy.
But my guess is that that the special are too low impact. Falcon does not deal enough dmg and Morgan just does not do enough. Against both you can just hit them and pay little/no attention to their specials, then just snipe with specials.
Also Morgan does not do enough in other areas, ok she might be an ok tank. But I seriously doubt anyone will ascend her just because of that.

I use Morgan on my defense team just because I don’t have anyone better yet. But not in dead center.

I do love using her in raid attacks!

First of all, I’d guess that a very small fraction of players have Morgan, whereas many more have regular 5* tanks like Justice and Horghall. Secondly, Morgan competes with some very powerful green 5*s - Lianna, Alberich, Zeline - so those players who have spent the money to get her probably have higher priorities for their tonics and shields.

Same logic for Falcon, with the extra fact that Boldtusk has a much better ability on defense. Falcon is most useful for green titans / events / certain raids where you can stack him with other red heroes.


I think you just answered your own question. Other than just “be there” Morgan does not really do a lot else. The other heroes you listed do actually do something and they are better tanks with Justice being readily available all the time either from TC lvl 20 or Epic hero/Elemental Hero summons.

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