Why need 6* heros? How about Champion the current heros roster instead!

Hi SG,

Understand that the game has start to roll out better titans 11*-14* yet our heroes are still at 4* 5*.
High levels ones have been pushing for 6* to deal with them.

Instead of giving higher levels gamers their need - why not give others has a chance to compete as well?

The concept is basically same as Marvel Puzzle Quest (Here’s the link for other references - Champion Heros

I think it’s a win win win situation for all party

  1. Win - For Gamers - Instead of complaining and waiting for their dream 5*, we can use the existing 4* and champion them. maybe an increase of 80% of the overall 4* status that equally or less matches the current 5* hero status. (without increase the skillset)

  2. Win - Developers - Why it’s a win? First, those who are losing interests due to similar heroes might get excited by this champion roll out - imagine those who have been hoarding for 4* and finally able to compete with the big boy in the league and people might go for championing their 4* instead of 5*. It’s their choice. There’s so much advantages that you can think of. it’s $$ for your side.

  3. Win - hardcore games - Why a win? So that they can continually upgrade their heroes and choose the right one to champion! no more same old heroes that everyone is chasing. of cos, there’s are certain heroes that are must-have championed - but all the games have their strongest / weakest heroes.

So much possibility if there’s champion system involved.

  1. Mission (Additional mission that we can look forward)
  • For 3* champion - will have free epic token + Ascension mat / loots
  • For 4* Champion - Free 5* token + Ascension mat / loots
  • For 5* Champion - Free HOTM Token? + Ascension Mat / Loots
  1. Ascension Mat
  • For 3* Champion - Similar final tier x 2
  • For 4* Champion - Similar final tier x 2 (Yes, 2x the mat - except the compass & hand gloves - their 3* colors ascension mat is much easier to get compared to have 6x 4* Mat)
  • For 5* Champion - similar or lesser since the 4* Mat is too rare to get it easily - perhaps it can be purchase via gems? not sure on this.
  1. Hero capping
    Some might mentioned that higher players will have be OP with all the championed -we can do capping on the hero team
  • For 3* Champion - Max 4
  • For 4* Champion - Max 3
  • For 5* Champion - Max 2
  • For 6* Champion - Max 1 (6* might eventually have it if there are more high-level titans coming in)

Even for events - hero capping is ideal as well so others are able to select and play their own style instead of the similar heroes we see.

I do hope SG can re-look on the heroes system and roll out champion similar kind of game system. You can look at the Marvel Puzzle Quest on their review abt the champion system - it’s a really good system that allows us to how we look and play our heroes base on our style.