Why my green mono fails?

My green mono fails four war and I do not see a shot from him after I added Lianna there.

My team: Telluria +9 / Lianna 4/80 / Almur +19 / CaedmonC / Zocc 3/70.

I have also KashhrekC, Brynhild and MelendorC. Emblems only on Telluria and Almur.

How I can change my mono to beat at least 4400 team 50% of time?

I think you need a powerful healer, indeed i would change Tellu maybe for Melendor to see how it works for you. Zocc at 3.70 doesnt seem to be a strong element either, once he maxed i think the winrate will increase a little bit

My mono green is


With that i usually have good winrate against tellu and destroys blue tanks

Lots of good discussion here on the topic of mono :slight_smile:

What are your troops?

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This is important especially for Telluria. You ideally should have a lvl23 troop on Telly since he’s your only “healer” on this team. If you don’t get 9 green tiles to match immediately within the first few moves, you have no hero who can help you buy time and extend the match so you can work the board.

Obviously, you can improve this team by maxing Zocc when you have the mats (assuming no better other green options. I personally would use Melendor+CB on the team at the moment b/c you can charge him in 9 tiles with a lvl 5 mana troop.

I say Melendor+CB as opposed to C.Mel b/c C.Mel’s HoT would overlap with Telly’s HoT. And Mel+CB would add some good tile dmg due to 749 attack stat (iirc).

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I agree that need good healer… Telly after nerf her HoT is not as good as before.

Or Mana Troop Level 17 with Telly+19.

Agree, and Rogoue only need +8 mana node, with Mana troop lvl 17, he is great with 9 tiles.

Great option.

Because emblems comes much everywhere now… and leveling troop is a long plan… unless we force it of course.

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You could use 2 healers, remove Zocc and add Melendor.

I have Zocc at 3/70. He’s too much of a wildcard for me to understand. I’ve been told to avoid hitting clerics and monks. It’s just too much for me to think about during war.

One day I may max him and try to understand him better.

I would go…

Melandor (costume) - Brynhild - Telluria - Almur - Lianna

My guess though is no matter what lineup you choose, you will need to add emblems. I would say give emblems to Mel and Bryn.

About troops - I have only lvl 11 mana troops and no other 4* green troops.

I usually take it with Melendor-C, when I need both dispel and cleanse (from Caedmon-C) .

Problem - I short in druid emblems,and both Caedmon and Melendor wants druid emblems.

Lianna will be emblemed when I will can upgrade her uncostumed version to 4/80 (she is 4/67 / 4/80 costumed)

@Chris214 I think this mono is too passive. I had similar variant with Caedmon before I pulled Lianna from Costume portal.

You may be right, but I think many would be surprised by attacking with passive/support heroes, especially in this case stacking green tiles with Almur’s elemental debuff.

I attack almost exclusively with a team of passive/support heroes with great success.
Mother North - Sif - Telluria - Rigard-c - Proteus

My go to monogreen is Albe+19 - Evelyn+4 - Lianna+7 with MCB - Hansel+10 - 2nd Hansel unemblemed. This team can take out any defense team in wars and raids, even against GTV and red tanks. Albe serves as safety net which can revive fallen heroes and provide healing and mana over time, Evelyn also gives little HoT thru Element Link and dispels buffs on the target and neaby as well as debuff elemental defense, Lianna to kill yhe hero with the most threat or is about to cast his skill, and the 2 Hansels to provide mana control.

My second monogreen team is a bit underpowered: 3/70 Eve (dupe), costumed Lianna (dupe but maxed), Buddy+20 and a combination of 3/70 heroes i refuse to ascend until i get their costume (Kad and Elk) even while sitting on 19 tonics. I also sub 3/70 Greg or fully emblemed Telly or other 4* nature heroes.

My mono green is Brynhild + 19, C Melendor + 20, Zocc + 8, Lianna x 2 (unemeblemed). That team works well against blue tanks, I would say around the 80% mark. I use it against green tanks in wars where I would say it is probalby at around 60%.

If you can max Zocc and make him 9 tiles, use C Melendor, and then use Almur with Lianna (similar effect as Lianna x 2) that is one configuration that might get you a similar result…

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