Why more expensive in Europe?

The Flash Offers cost $1.99 (€1.74). For a player from Europe they cost €2.29. Anyone know why we have to pay 32% more for exactly the same product … especially when the game belongs to a company from Finland (Euro currency)?

Due to value added tax, I would think. It is included in the Euro price, but in the US, they have a different system.

Also, FX rates change daily so if they said the base price was in USD it would be too much effort to keep changing the price for every other currency in the world on a daily basis(unless they just charged everyone in USD, in which case you may find your bank putting a nice premium on each transaction if they don’t allow free FX purchases).

Look at it this way, if the USD plummets then you’ll essentially be paying less than our transatlantic cousins :slight_smile:

Android and apple set the prices for each currency! Not sg! Sg tells them the fee in euros and then the istore /googleplay does the conversion! I know this from experience, when brexit started pound nosedived for a couple weeks! They then changed the £ costs in all games! Strange thou, since then the £ has recovered yet the costs have remained the same

So it is American companies - Google and Apple - who are prejudicing (ripping off?) European players. Interesting !! I apologise for casting nasturtiums at Finland. So the developers are powerless; cannot even up the playing field?

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