Why Mitsuko not in Atlantis gate anymore?

Why Mitsuko not in Atlantis gate anymore like Tarlak or Mok-Arr?

The 3 ‘featured’ heroes cycle together over 3 months.
First we had Inari and Mitsuko
then Kageburado and Mitsuko
now Kageburado and Inari
so each gets featured twice across the 3 month span. Next month we start a new cycle with 3 new featured heroes, and Mits/Inari/Kage will be available every month.

Mitsuko may still be hidden in there now with lower odds, I’m not sure.

Read more carefully buddy. It’s obvious she not featured. She not in Atlantis gate at all anymore.

Read more carefully buddy. I told you she wasn’t featured. I also told you why.

Then read again as i not saying anything about featured at all. If you scroll the Atlantis heroes then you will find Tarlak, Mok-Arr and Misandra with lower odds. But you can’t find there Mitsuko.

Jesus christ… read this carefully, please.

There are 3 featured heroes released over 3 months, they cycle two at a time, so every hero is available twice in that 3 month period.

November: Mits and Inari
December: Mits and Kage
January: Kage and Inari

every hero gets featured twice. Mits already has been. We had no kage at all in november, no Inari at all in december.
Next month she will go back in alongside Tarlak and co in the non-featured draws.


Mits will be regularly in atlantis starting next month

Before they can become a regular in atlantis, they have to appear 3x featured in atlantis

But wont become regulars until all 3 featured heros in 1 cycle are regulars

All 3 become regulars at once.

Mits kage and inari will all 3 become Atlantis regulars at the same time


So. Then in next month will be next three featured heroes if this right. And heroes appears in a gate after featured time.
Strange system but ok. Sorry for misunderstanding.


Yep, next month the featured heroes will be all new ones so mitsuko and kage will be available in all Atlantis portals. It’s how they did it with tarlak and mok etc too

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So far it’s been going by families

Tarlak misandra mok arr = lagoon family

Mits inari kage = sakura family

Ariel poseidon atomos = atlantis family

So may have somethin to do with why they add all 3 5* to regular appearance in atlantis portals at once


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