Why Mist special does not work fully?!

I noticed there is something not right with Mist’s special. One of Mist special is “Target and nearby enemies are immune to new buffs for 3 turns”. This is same as Sabina C’s special and only difference is for Mist it’s (target and nearby, while in Sabina C’s it’s all enemies). When using Sabina C’s special Vs Bera for example the latter can’t cast minions, but with Mist Bera casts minions!! There is something not right with Mist’s special and the bug needs to be fixed.

  1. Summoning minions is not considered to be a buff so Mist (or Sabina) won’t prevent it.
  2. Bera is a Monk and might resist the ailment from Mist.

Thanks for your time and explanation that make sense somehow but I’ve seen videos of raids with Sabina c Vs Bera where Bera could not produce a single minion after Sabina’s special. Nevertheless, the class thing might/might not be the reason. In all cases, the description of Mist’s need to be clarified if what you’re saying is correct, don’t you think?!

If you could link to those videos that would be great because Sabina c should have no effect on Bera’s ability to summon minions.
I’m not sure what you would like to be clarified with Mist’s ability description? Is it that summoning minions is not a buff and won’t be stopped? That’s just a game mechanic that was always in place and never needed additional text


There is some misunderstanding. The only thing that can prevent Bera from making minions is another Bera on the other team, whose minions hit Bera and allies before she fires. C Sabina or Mist won’t prevent it, as it’s been said.

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Don’t forget kvasir. Can do the same, and some even use him during wars against beras or other minion heroes. Limit broken and with emblems he even works there (or at least not os by some specials or slash attacks)

Absolut bera killer :wink:

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Thank you all for your time and replies. Now it’s very clear. Special thanks to ferg for suggesting Kvasir Vs Bera :slight_smile:

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