Why limit heroes to 1 battle in war?

I don’t understand why a hero can only attack one time during war. In a real war, you don’t limit your troops to taking one shot, and then make them go sit on a bench. You leave them on the battlefield until the war is won, or they die. Do these game creators not know anything about how war works? We work hard to build up our heroes, and then you don’t let us use them until they die? That is just stupid! It is obvious that the game creators made it this way so the players would spend a bunch of money, trying to hurry up and level 24 new heroes. Your war system is just stupid. No wonder there are so many complaints!


I agree, but if we’re talking about how unrealistic it is why does the defense have unlimited lives? Once a hero is killed it shouldn’t come back to life unless it has alberich on its team…

But they’re not going to start requiring multiple defense teams anytime soon if you ask me. Only been since before wars got out of beta that some of us have been asking for that lol…

Definitely! If your defense team is wiped out, it should stay down, and not come back to life!

or replaced to another defense team.

So you’re playing a puzzle based RPG with magical fantasy creatures and you want to complain that the war action doesn’t match up with that of a “real” war?


I would disagree. I pull so many 3* heroes as opposed to 4 or 5 that it seems sensible that they can have an impact. I enjoy the tactical variety of using 30 heroes.

It also means that, especially given some of the dodgy match making, a player with a team way above the opponent can’t plough through the whole army without a strong bench.

And as for ‘realism’ I would argue that historically the best troops from the Roman Praetorians to Napoleon’s imperial guard are used as a last resort, not thrown in repeatedly!

Even now, the SAS or Delta etc are used very sparingly.


I like the idea of building up depth. Otherwise war would just be won by whomever has the strongest team. There would be much less strategy. I’ve had multiple “no pay” players in my alliance build up a solid bench.


When I fight war (offense), I get to play until my heroes are dead…then I move on to the next team till they’re dead…and so on and so forth, “just like a real war”, while my defense dies and then pops back up repeatedly.

I therefore get the pleasure of both real life and fantasy simultaneously. :wink:

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LMAO. :joy:

Actually, with the current balancing system in place and for it to work properly, they ought to require people to set up Six defensive teams and once one team has been defeated it must be retired as well. Otherwise top heavy Alliances will hold the advantage.

It is really difficult for an underpowered alliance to go up against an alliance with mostly maxed 5* on their defensive team even if they don’t have much of a bench to back up those 5*. That needs to get fixed and you’ll see a more fair representation of balance.

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How would you propose they fix this? :slight_smile:

One suggestion was that everyone must set up 6 defensive teams and when the first one is defeated the second one is the next one to take the field. If by some chance all 6 Defensive teams fall, then they could just place a little “White flag” where the Defensive team was and that player cannot be attacked again or they could start the cycle over again with the First team taking the field. That way all 30 heroes would be factor in both Offense and defense. Right now they are only a factor in Offense. The only Heroes that factor into defense are the Top 5 and that’s probably the reason for the mismatches so far.

Make this change and you’ll see some fairly close matches.

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