Why LBs are more impactful in offense than defense

I don’t wanna start the fire or anything, just speaking from my experience…
personally I feel a lot of difference when facing now 4900+ teams on raids. I have a pretty solid raid team that used to carry me a long way, but I just can’t beat those super high level LB s4 monsters anymore. They are more sturdy and don’t go down unless I’m using several specials at the same time. I feel that bump in defense stat a lot. They always remain standing with some HP left.
I really wish SG would nerf that 20% boost for defending team, those 5k defenses do not need it.

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If you charge grimble before their flanks get to fire that should be a free win regardless. Not sure what LB had to do with it. LBing 4* support heroes can definitely be a good idea. LBing heroes that you use both defensively and on offense is ideal obviously, it just so happens that the current meta defense heroes suck on offense.

Well, limit breaks and mana troops, you don’t get much more shield with a mana troop and no hit points :sweat_smile:

While 5000TP defences are painful, it is important to have a well synergised team to defeat them. I use these 2 teams & win 7 out of 10 times…

  1. Led by Gazelle - Heimdal - +++ (add 3 heroes as per need)

  2. Led by BK - Prof. Li - +++ (add 3 heroes as per need)

3rd team = lead by Krampus - Ariel, waits for one scope …

I have LB : Gazelle & FriGG who do a good job…

So it is very much possible. Good wishes forming your teams & not lose interest !

The point is that LBing 2 4* heroes and 1 3* hero and using them on offense with a 4.2K TP team vs a defense team with 3-4 LB’d 5* heroes and 5.K+ TP team is a better tactical investment, if used wisely - and actually gives you an advantage as compared to life pre-LB. In direct contrast to those people who said that LBs will spell the doom of the game once you get mostly LB’d defenses up.

There was a Metashift when Frigg/Morel, Odin/Krampus and Eliza/Hannah started to take over and being more dominant. That caused players to change their offensive strategies at least it was the case for me.

Each of my war teams nowadays consists of a Dispeler and a Cleaner preferably combined with any kind of Manacontrol. That is especially true for rush attack where i switched to 3/1/1.

Defenses are so strong now that teamcomposition on attack is more important then ever and even as tiledamage. So in order to have as many Teams as possible one either needs a legendary pool like ucla has or you have to utilise your 4* to fill the gaps.
So LB in this case is more likely given to war/pvp supporters like c-mel or c-sabina then titankings like Jott but It already was like this pre-LB. So i would highly advise to chose those 4* always with your 5* base in mind. Although boldtusk has huge stats it was a mistake for me to give him LB as i do not really need a heal/attack buffer in red as much as i would need a Defdown-hero like Wilbur.

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I have noticed my dark 5* gets picked on during attacks. I think the lower health/defense translates to a higher lost percentage after a couple rounds,
and then…
the AI focuses on her, because her health is lowest. The incoming LB "advantage" will fix that.

But to suggest LB is an advantage because you control moving tiles?
No… lol.

Player control is an advantage.
LB is just extra levels.
Nothing to propagandize there.

My defense is keeping around 2700



And with older heroes to boot!

Thanks LB

It already with version 39 started What does this mean? (v39 test on decreasing Raid defense team buff) - #35 by JGE
Version 39 Release Notes & Status - #2 by EmpiresPuzzles

Yes… lol.

In defense you generally don’t put fragile heroes. Therefore LBing there will not see a relatively big boost in survivability, with the main impact being extra oomph when giving a whallop.

Conversely, I - and I imagine others - take 4s or lower defense 5s that have really good specials but that are subject to early death. LBing these heroes gives a significant boost in survivability and will in many cases mean the difference betwene life and death, in using the special or not - and that is enough to flip the outcome. This plugs a big gap in offense and gives a much greater advantage than LBs can ever give in defense.

Raid results and war scores are reflecting the advantages that LBing C BT, D’Andre, Lady Wool, C Kiril, C MelGuillinbursiti, have given - most often against teams with 2, 3 or 4 LB’d heroes. Proteus and C Sabina will join those ranks soon.

This is the most confusing thing I’ve ever read from you. Each of the 2 subsequent sentences contradict the previous sentence. It’s like you said,

And then followed that up with a bunch of words. Can anyone else help me decipher them?

No I don’t actually. I use 1 sturdy tank in standard formation. My opponents stack against it and then my heavy damage wings and flanks whip them. But let’s just say that I do put 5 tanks in my defense,

How do you figure this??? I’m seriously confused. You just got done saying my defense is sturdy. So when I add 5 levels to them:

Only their attack goes up?
Are you ok man?

Yup. Who doesn’t at this point?

Your just adding 5 levels homaclese…
I think the math is stumping you.
To simplify try to understand that:
7% of 1,000 IS A BIGGER NUMBER
Than 8% of 800

Maybe this is the communication breakdown:

I’ve already seen 5… a couple times.
Mostly 4 though. I live in +2700.
Clearly LB is effecting defenses too.

With my unblemmed and unbroken 4* I was wiping top defenses that thought double formation was a good idea.
Then they changed the rules :yum:

Now… my unblemmed and unbroken 4* get vaporized.

Blemmed 4* last longer
Blemmed and LB 4* last even longer
Blemmed and LB 5* last the longest.

:point_up: No Fox or CNN.
Just straight boring facts

I’ll keep it simple. Try to follow.

In defense heroes are usually not fragile. Therefore have high survivability. Making a hero with high survivability more survivable… does not give a big boost in survivability. With me so far?

In offense I, and others, often take fragile heroes. Low survivability. Relatively often die before they get their specals off. Boosting the survivability of low survivability heroes gives a big boost in survivability. Often enough to get them across the line to use their special, which keeps them and others surviving for even longer. With me so far?

I am not saying just their attack goes up. But really that is the main benefit they get. The extra survability won’t make much real world impact, like it does on offense for weaker heroes.

Which make a HUGE (yes, go ahead and quote me) difference for fragile heroes in attack. Because I can’t count how many times I have had a fragile hero slashed or minion pecked to death just on the verge of casting their specials.

It doesn’t matter who physically gets more defense/HP. It is what real world difference that will make. As explained above.

I have seen almost zero impact in whether I takie on LBd heroes vs non LBd hereoes. But I don’t use any unemblemmed 4s, they get vaporised either way. I do have some no/low emblemed 5s. Also, I try not to get into a game of trading hammer blows with the defense, because I will lose. I try to keep their specials from going off, or controlling the impact of the specials. So the extra attack from LBing the defense gets rarely factors into. And I also generally play the long game so the extra defense is irrelevant to me too. But the extra defense on my attack is gold.

This is worse than the last loopty-loop
Survivability = Def + Health.
Which you admit are high. And then add
"does not give a big boost"
I asked how you figure that,
And get more nonsense.

All while glossing over:

You seem to be cherry-picking your huge advantages.

It does matter… and this why:

While you admit that the enemy def+hp is high. You also admit:

Very good! This is because meta defense is more about speed and damage! Not all hp and def.
This extra oomph is because they added 5 levels. And then you also add 5 levels. So your huge benefit actually cancels out!

And this why your real world scenario happens:

:point_up:Yep! Now you’re getting it.
This is exactly the same thing that happen BEFORE LB existed!

I also lost track of how many times narrow close calls there were.
Sometimes you squeak by .
Sometimes you don’t.
Nothing changed other than the development requirement that SG “felt was non-negotiable”

So both sides push 5 extra levels and the same thing is happening.

This is not magical telekinesis from your thumbs moving tiles.

If you want to say a genuine benefit for your OP. You could say that you have many LB 4* and even some 3* to use for your war flags. While I have less of those, because I concentrated mostly on legendary. So you have a legitimate benefit for more flags. If you need them 4* as most everyone does…

Then do that!!! You need to keep up with enemy defenses! The dark aether will be here within days…

But all my war flags are all 5* so I don’t care that much. This way I get to laugh harder at all the new:
“Reset LB Please” threads

As developing rosters continue to…

You are either incapable of getting what I am saying, or you deliberately choose not to get it. Either way, I don’t have a slower pace at which I can explain to you. So you go ahead and believe your reality, and I will go ahead an believe mine.

And sure, I will continue to develop. And will contine to use many 4*s as I do so, and probably always will. I am pretty happy with my 264 war average with my “developing roster” but the goal is to always improve.

Yeah that’s what I thought too.
Never would have imagined my beloved
Li Xiu collecting dust.
But then I pulled Guin.
And then…5* started eroding…

It all comes down to specials. Some 4s just have specials that are equal to or superior to many 5 specials. I think attacking 4*s are actually really bad, but there are many great supporting heroes.

I will never get enough new support 5s to fully replace my roster of support 4s (particularly as I use at least 2 healers in 5 of my war teams). And new 4*s being released can actually be really good, e.g. Ferant.

ahhaha… yeah, I probably showed my age there. My Li Xiu fling was… I honestly don’t know. A long time ago.

These new 4* have competitive skills. And agree with pumping up their jam.
I’m currently working on Zila because I want to throw out a Jab after swinging the fishbone. Just for fun! I don’t actually need that but the synergy seems spunky.

And that’s what it’s all about right.

But the “huge” advantage is mathematically questionable, and doesn’t make sense. Especially with my defense also taking on its own advantage…

I would also caution folks not to get to carried away with that…
As I have all a long. A reset should not be allowed!!!
Because, rest assured…
The cap that SG said is non-negotiable will be hit again. With all these offers…
I’m guessing next year, that players will be LB’ing their 30th legendary… and they will need to move the cap again.
I can only forcast 2 options.

A 6*
Or allow LB to be applied a second time to the same hero. Imagine what a reset button will do to the landscape…
with 4.90’s in tow…

Case in point - Sergei. Probably one of the most busted OP offence heroes in the game. Seriously. He’s as close to being an autowin hero that I’ve seen in this game. Purple def down to all in 6 tiles is insanely powerful. Any 4* that makes Guardian Panther obsolete…take a bow.

But he is a bit squishy so he would be a candidate for LB for me as I want to keep him alive to get through a rougher start board. I only need 6 tiles so I need to take a few hits if the board is weak.

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What other purple heroes are you bringing that charge in 6 tiles to benefit? Kage? Clarissa hardly benefits. I still use my 2 Panthers, haven’t found a use for Sergei. Panther does damage in addition to the defense down so it’s much easier to kill heroes.

It’s not just about specials from other very fast heroes. The benefit starts immediately after Sergei fires. The next purple tiles that hit will do more damage. The next specials from fast or average heroes will do more damage once they charge the following match. This will all happen before panther can fire because panther himself doesn’t benefit from his own elemental as its applied after his own damage is done. Sergei greatly speeds up the damage and its unmatched. You can bring both Sergei and panther if you want to increase panthers damage and chain elemental def down. But you can bring someone that does more damage than panther instead. Sergei fires early and often setting up the rest of the team

Clarissa absolutely benefits. I fire Sergei, C.Vic and then Clarissa in 6 tiles. The extra damage that Clarissa does following in both the defence downs is noticeable. Then you have both the poison and the bleeding taking over 200 a turn.

Any tiles that follow will mop them up as they are seriously weak following that.

I have C.Rigard and Hel going in 9 tiles so 1 more match and off they go.

I dropped Kage in favour of Clarissa though it would be fun to get him in as well since I can get Sergei, C.Vic, Clarissa and Kage all in 6 if I wanted.

But don’t underestimate Clarissa in this. Watching a whole flank melt is deeply gratifying

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