Why join an alliance not to fight in wars or against Titans?

Can anyone explain why someone joins an alliance only to play the game, but never fight Titans or opt out of wars and do not play?

Is there an advantage I’m missing?

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To answer your question, if someone does not attack the titan or take part in wars there is really no advantage of being in an alliance. But sometimes weaker players might try freeloading, for example they might hit the titan only once just to fill up their titan chest. And might take part in wars and not do anything just to get the war chest rewards. But usually such cases are dealt with quite swiftly by the leaders. :slight_smile:

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I can’t see any advantage but I’m sure there are any number of reasons.

I wonder sometimes if perhaps a player wants the social aspect but is really quite anxious about not doing well, especially at something so visible as war.

Whenever a player says " maybe I’ll just try to clear a tank", for instance, I often take that to mean that they are asking permission to try and if they fail, they won’t be criticized.


There’s no reason to not take part against titans, since they’re another very consistent form of loot. Wars too, even if the loot is mediocre for the amount of effort required to win, it’s still another chance at ascension mats.

The only good reason to opt out of wars is because you’re legitimately too busy to attack and use your flags. We have some members in our clan who opt out of Wednesday wars, sometimes weekend wars. Real life commitments do come up and wars do take significantly more time than using 3 flags against titans, since it’s a very focused team effort and communication is key for victory.

Having a not-too-overcrowded local chat comes handy even if you are extremely casual type of gamer.

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I’m not saying though that it’s an excuse to not use titan or war flags.

I’m just saying some players may need more encouragement to take risks and to help them understand that they’ll still get support and constructive suggestions if they are fully participating and at least actually trying… not just giving lip-service “oh well, I tried”, when it’s obvious they weren’t following good advice.


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