Why Is This Team So Successful?!? | Anti-minion Team Breakdown | Empires and Puzzles

Hello everyone!
I would like to share a video that might prove to be useful, or at the very least interesting, to some of you.
This is the first time I made something like this, so please feel free to give me any feedback.
Thank you!


TL:DR: It’s got Grimble in it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Onatel and Lepiota are offended by your statement, good sir! :sob::joy:

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It’s good lady, for future reference (I know the name is a bit misleading). I greatly esteem Onatel and Lepiota, and love and use C. Rigard and, to a lesser extent, C. Kiril. Nevertheless, the fact remains, if we’re talking minions we’re talking Grimble.

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This is why Freya isn’t as good nowadays. Essentially just throw tiles at her and kill off other team members when mana is full.

Freya can literally cast 100 times in a match and still lose. Because it does no damage, just “heals” slightly.

Yeah that’s true, but if you have the option, you should try cKiril and Grimble together, because that makes the goats damage actually impactful

Yeah, but she used to be one of the most popular tanks. I’ve tested the same team against Hulda recently (also against Bera in the past) and I can say that it works really well still. I would just reconsider cKiril in this case

One month after Freya’s release, Telly arrived.
Green gobs galore, INSTANTLY!
And stayed that way until 2021.

Most claim the nerfs killed Telly. With the final one in October that year, after saturating the game unlike any other hero ever.

But I think Bera also had something to do with it, who was released in September.
That faster creep also nerfed Telly!

So… in regards to popular:
we went from Telly to Bera.

Freya filled gaps on war squads.
And may have appeared to be amazing in alliances that have 13 people.

Grimble, on the other hand…
Went from unpopular. To essential in the
Minion Madness meta that is ongoing with no end in sight