Why is this happening to me constantly?

It is already the second time that this happens to me, when I finish attacking Titan with good combinations, when the clock reaches 0 it freezes, the worst of all is that it does not respect the damage caused to the enemy and it puts the counter in 0 Also, do you want to correct this? I am a good customer and a good buyer but this is quite unpleasant for me.!

I know that it could happen if you click the autoplay when the last seconds are running out.

Is this the case?

That happened to me once but I had lost internet connection

No my friend i never use autoplay on Titans only on maps.

Where its the support? This hapend one more time and one more time and one more time. If this its not fixed i stop buy and expend money on buged game.

These forums are for discussion among players, not in-game support. Please file a support ticket using this process:

Menu-Options-Support… Where its this i cant found

In the game. Start the game, and you’ll find the menu and the support.

From your home screen, tap the “Book” icon on the bottom right. This will change to the next menu.
Then, tap the “Gear” icon.
The “Support” option is on the top of the screen.

Hope it helps,

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