Why is there no turn indicator?

One thing this game really needs is something that indicates when the player can move the tiles and use the heroes abilities.

It could be a simple thing like putting a transparent white overlay onto the hero cards. When it’s on you can just sit back and know it’s not your turn - instead of madly jamming at your charged up healer hoping to be allowed to juice up your team before the opponent launches an attack that suspiciously is just exactly what’s needed to take out your healer. No more scratching and scrabbling at the tiles when oh, hold up, the opponent has one more go at you before it’s your turn.

This would be extremely helpful fighting titans.

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The annoying part is all the animations. It’s hard to tell when they’re done (or about to be done).

1000x worse when you’re in a raid and your opponent has up 15 minions. Like good lord… I might as well just put my phone down and run to the store and do my grocery shopping, maybe it will be my turn again by the time I come back. :laughing:

Titans though… yeah. That’s a tough one. I figured out early on why some of my titan hits didn’t fare as well as others, even though I was using the same team against the same level and color of titan…

No, it wasn’t the buffs or debuffs… it was the dang animation times. You’re not able to land as many attacks in 90 seconds when the titan is wasting half that time with silly animations.

And then on top of that? Even your own heroes’ animations can slow you down. In some cases, you’re almost better off taking a weaker hero with a quick animation vs. a stronger hero that spends 15 seconds going swooshy swoosh swoosh all over the board… either that or just don’t bother activating that skill at all. LOL.

At least you can still move tiles while your attack animations are going, though it’s a bit hard to see through many of them to know what you’re moving.


That’s true… but like you said… hard to see what’s going on. And then I’m left wondering / hoping that the attack went through before the tiles did their damage. Example: Miki. I am guessing that as soon as I click on his attack, any tiles activated after that will have the damage increase. But I am not 100% sure that the buff is applied before the animation is finished or not…?

I would imagine that it probably is, but titan attacks go so fast, I am not exactly sitting there keeping track of the damage numbers for each tile… I’m completely focused on looking for my next move on the board before I run out of time.

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