Why is there no onatel in the yellow hero draws?

Onatel was my favorite hero before I lost my game and started a new one. I never see her in the yellow hero draws,why? I’d love to get her back

Onatel was a HOTM, not a regular hero. She will only be available during Atlantis summon (perhaps select Atlantis summon?)


@zephyr1 I would say the OPs question is fully answered

Onatel is a HoTM. HoTM is Hero of the month.
She will ONLY be back in A Atlantis portal. All old HoTM rotate around so she will be coming up sooner than later I would guess. Just WATCH ALL Atlantis portals on the 4th Thursday of the month.

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Yep, seems like it. :slight_smile:

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Does the op have to ask to close or is it suggested by just anyone??

We don’t normally close threads, barring a compelling reason to do so, or threads in #bugs-issues closing automatically after 30 days with no activity.


Ok thanks again…


Ok I’ll keep an eye out,thanks!

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You had Onatel and then your game got deleted and you couldn’t get her back? I am very sad for you. I love my Onatel. Would be devastated to lose her. Good luck getting her again when she comes around in Atlantis.


Got my game back! THANK YOU KIRA!!!

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Very happy for you! Use Onatel to inflict pain on your enemies once more!

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