Why is the team cost of top ranked Challenge Event teams only 40/130 or 75/130?

It’s just start of new event in quest. I saw the leaderboard who stay in the top ten ranks of event fighting. For example, some team arrange the same color of heroes, but the power of team not reach maximum, i.e., 40/130. Can they stay in the top ten ranks ??? In comparison with the other team who 80/130 different color heroes, they stay in lower rank. Why ???

Team cost is a function of the rarity of heroes, i.e. 3, 4, or 5*.

Because the Rare and Epic event tiers only allow 3* and 4* heroes respectively, the team cost is relatively low by comparison to the maximum of 130 for an all-5* team.

So yes, those teams will indeed win those event tiers. They’re the strongest teams allowed.

In some cases people also hide their real team by putting up a single hero or weaker heroes. But that’s not related to what you asked — just noting it as a potential follow-up question if you see things like teams with unleveled heroes, or an incomplete team.

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Additionally, class nodes add +5 to hero power, but do not increase hero cost.

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its the color stack and the combinations their teams are make it strong for example : boldtuks +attack and heals , guardian falcon -def against fire, willbur shared damage - def for team + for yours then a hero like azlar , helena, marijana, can hit really hard especially if you use it in the right order… tiles do alot of damage also… teampower dont play in the events… tactics do alot and right hero choosing :slight_smile: good luck in the event

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