Why is the difference between defence and autofarming AI's so wide?

Just asking my self about it… Of course, after you get to a certain level, auto-farming AI is of no consequence, because your heroes can easily defeat the mobs of mindless freaks the map has to offer, but still, watching auto-farming at work hurts so bad you have to look away sometimes… it’s just ridiculous how the AI targets a monster with 10 or 20 HP left with a devastating special, while leaving the healthy ones on the other side of the board unharmed… Meantime, defense goes after your key heroes, healers, mana suppressors, mana charged heroes, low HP ones, snipers avoid hitting riposte, or almost dead heroes always seeming to strike where it hurts most… Of course, the level of deffense AI is a welcomed thing, keeps raiding from becoming farming, but then, why not level the auto-farming AI a bit?

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The defense AI is inconsistent. I’ve seen streaks of brilliance from it, but it has moments of sheer stupidity too. I just had it fire Joon at my Kage with 6 health and no mana instead of Ariel with 500 health and ready to fire.

You got a point, but, while defense sometimes makes the wrong choice, auto-farming always acts like a 6 years old…

When a skill is charged the AI is obliged to use it (and this doesn’t change from AI autoplay and AI defense) but on defense the targets aren’t restricted by the tile’s matchs and can go after low health foes freely.

Can’t argue with that, but, it still feels like (based only on empirical observation) auto-farming is two classes under the defensive AI… I say again, this is of no consequens, it’s just an observation…

You can target your specials when its on auto. AI still fires whenever possible but you can pick the targets

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Strange… that kind of defeats the purpose of “auto”, doesn’t it? Make it more like a co-op…:grinning:

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I only do it at the boss stages. Makes sure the bosses get hit

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I usualy do other things while farming, so, I rarely really watch what’s going on on the screen. Wasn’t even aware of the target picking thing…thanks for pointing that out!