Why is Roc underestimated here? (Roc vs Sif)

I was wondering why too many people in this forum say that this hero is useless. Lets begin.

762 attack is in the upper average line contributing to the tile damage either in titans or yellow stacks.

739 and 1361

Is a fair amount of def and hp which make the bird stay longer in battle to cleanse and apply the status aliments.

On the other hand the contender for the darts is the golden lady of Valhalla. SIF.

788 attk stat. A beast in tile damage. Mandatory against purple titans.

716 def and 1306 hp

So squishy, and thats my fear , that she looks good on papper but then on field she may be left behind. The opposite with the bird… maybe hes so bad on pappers and on the field is rambo

Any of them should replace my joon on def team?

Joon- C.richard-Ursena-Vela-JF ?

Soon i will changr c.richard or vela for elkanen. And furthermore i will add clarissa to the mix

Thanks in advance!! And sorry but this is not an easy pick for me , its hard to choice with only six darts available

I would not replace Joon with either Sif or Roc on Defense.

The problem with Roc and Sif is neither are a primary dmg dealer, they both play support roles. I would consider both to be more valuable on offense than defense.

I have Sif fully leveled, and outside of Titans, she doesn’t see any use in raids or wars. I do think Roc would be more valuable to use in war (cleanse).


Thanks Midnight.

Did you try Sif on offense , in wars or raids? Do you find her underwhelming , kind of squishy?

I heard good reviews from sif users but i couldnt find , despite some videos, well rounded roc reviews.
I hope anchor makes a breakdown soon

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Yeah, I just didn’t find a good team for Sif. I tried her a few times in war, and the problem I had is she didn’t do anything to prevent DOT dmg. So while she does help with sniper heavy teams, most teams I face in war have Damage over time heroes (Gravemaker/Vela) in the front. I tried making a 3-2 team featuring SIF and Ariel to keep a mana buff up, but I wasn’t able to find a good team going up against Telly tanks.


I think Sif would shine most on Titans, and on World Map Stages fighting bosses. So - it really depends on what your goals are. If you are most interested in getting help while working on Season 2/3 maps, SIF will help. If you are most interested in building War teams, I would probably save the darts for other heroes. I am currently saving my darts for Odin and Thor which should come out in a few months.

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I transferred all my rogue emblems from Musashi to Sif. She has been a disappointment on defense (war and raids). However, she is great on offense (raids, wars and purple titans).

Here is my favorite raid team:


I don’t find Sif squishy because when her skill is going off she has 50% less damage coming in and strong rispote. If people choose to attack her and the heroes next to her without dispelling the skill, they most likely wont survive the battle.


I was leery of Sif at first, and while it’s hard to gauge her on Defense, I can say with certainty that she’s won countless offensive raids for me.

Put her between squishy/slow mana heroes, and they’ll stay up and fire. I’ve had Sif be the last one standing many times, and the last couple enemy snipers kill themselves on her.

Taking half while smacking back with it all is amazing. Her -50% damage reduces DOT damage as well.

No experience with Roc, but I’m not sure how a solid DOT w/ a cleanse and decent stats is bad at all.


Why is it to difficult to make a decision on 5* stars when you have limited mats(darts)?
I cant decide between one or another… when i think the benefits of having roc than im afraid of being wrong and miss all the good hero SIF is.

If it helps , i lean towards strengh my main yellow war team. So its most offense guided.

Anyways im slowly bringing them to 3.70 first one and then another so i have more time to think it well

I don’t have Roc but sif has been a disappointment for me. A big part of her is the riposte but often she has low health so the counter damage is pretty weak.

Maybe you have mist, I think would be better than either of these 5*

Found this in the “Wild” and his dot gave 159 damage per turn. Maybe this helps a bit.

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Roc is a slower version of JF and honestly doesn’t have enough extra abilities to be average compared to JF’s fast. Reduced healing is probably the least useful secondary ability in this game. Not that it won’t come in handy here and there, but compared to all the other secondary abilities it just doesn’t stand up to them. If he were given defense up/down, mana generation up/down, Attack up/down, ailment shield, counterattack, etc. it would be a different story but reduced healing is one of the most meh secondary abilities. Overall, in comparison to JF he just does not have the strength to be good at what he does at average.

Before other people jump in and say they have him and find him helpful… EVERY 5* hero is helpful if you have a limited bench. But him being average with those abilities is the difference between keeping him at 3-70 and 4-80 (unless you have absolutely no one to compete darts with)

As for Sif, yeah her defense is squishy but recall that her ability also reduces 50% of her total damage and with a lower defense stat that just means she will reflect even more damage. She reflects damage first and then receives 50% reduced damage so it’s not like she receives all of it anyways. Plus, she is a great support hero with + mana gen which is a rare ability to get and is ALWAYS helpful on any team.


Also i would not add Elkanen to your team at all. Out of all the heroes you named, he is definitely one I wouldn’t want on my defense team. Some good team ideas imo are:

JF - Sif - Ursena - Vela - Joon

JF - Ursena - Sif - Clarissa - CRichard

Clarissa - JF - CRichard - Ursena - Joon

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SG makes the things wrong when it comes to certain heroes. They could add to roc another effect, like a heal dot that paired with the cleanse could made things different.

The dot doesnt seem to be nothing impressive. So the only useful thing about roc ends being the cleanse and the stats.

Thanks for your feedback

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Sif is very underwhelming on defense. Easily countered, squishy until her special goes off, not to be feared at all, espc. if the attacker has Kageburado. BUT she is awesome on offense! Just place her next to essential and squishy heroes and she shines. Great synergies with Hel, you can easily control which defender to fire next, I espc. like the slow hit-all-ones like Isarnia, Azlar and even Alfrike. The harder they hit, the easier they fall, usually killing themselves. Imho massively underrated offense heroe.

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My defense team where I mantain easily 2600-2700 cups with more than 50% of success.

I think Sif is a grat flank.


I will ascend SIF soon. I will go for attk path i think because she would be my highest attack yellow. The main use for her would be on titans and war. On defense i will stick to Joon in the wing

What do you think about a second choice between these? Im only two darts to max a second one. The candidates are

Roc (my fav here)
Bai yeong (i have Joon maxed)
Vivica (an interesting option)

Keep the darts

Keep the darts until ya get something better

I’d keep the darts too

Between those, another vote for keep the darts. If you lacked Joon, I’d vote differently, but you don’t.