Why is pulling Norns like losing £1 & finding 1p!

Well, you are uninformed about Norns, hence the unenthused emotions !
I was thrilled pulling Norns bcoz, I knew how I can use her skills to play creatively.

Norns is very useful for alternative hits on Mythic titan / titans with the team colour that is weak against the titan. I am sure you will find videos online…

I use Norns a lot in Season-4 map stages where many strong colours become weak in stages, especially against bosses… and Norns’ special enables me to take colours that are normally weak against the bosses & also, they don’t have reduced power as per S4 stage rules…
Norns turns those weaker colour heroes into strong… making S4 map stages (normal / hard) a simple walk in the park. Other than and occasional small mana & small antidotes, I don’t remember using any battle item so far. Though Gazelle’s buff does the magic but Norns’ special plays key role !

Finally, being from Vanaheim Realm, I am sure you know what a dying Norns does, which becomes a game changer on raids / wars. For same reason, many times, Norns finds a way into my war defence along with Bera to eat up flags = A hero one has gotta know how to use !

So, I am damn haPPy to have NorNs ! :wink:

Congrats on getting Norns…


But to not do anything on defence, really ??? So all u get is the attack value. Yes u may have a large roster but some of us aren’t so fortunate as to have G. Gaz. (Wouldn’t care so much if I did, she’s awesome) & when we hit the jackpot (so I thought) & finally pull a season 3 legendary thinking ‘yes, now my raid defence can have a decent holy 5*, only to find that she’s niche, to be told ‘she’s great used on titans’ & can’t be used on defence as it’s a waste of a space just pops my balloons !! To work properly with a Titan means constantly activating her which takes mana pots, etc. If it’s a purple Titan do u take a purple mono??Cuz if u take a holy mono the effect is useless. It’s a really strange 1 Norns is. The description says ‘makes the enemy weak to their strong element’ but nowhere does it say ‘ONLY IN OFFENSE’. That’s my biggest gripe. It should clearly state as much. It’s like they’ve tried to implement G. Cham in a slightly different way & messed it up big time.

I don’t understand why people berate a hero for not being good on defense. You can only use 5 heroes at a time on defense…

Norns was my 2nd yellow 5*. I still use her a lot.

But not on defense…



On the bright side, at least you didnt get the fish… but congrats on the Norns tho, a 5* hero will still have its uses, unless its the fish.


Not all heroes shine on the defence. Is this your first 5* holy? If so, I can see why you may be disappointed. If not, who are you planning on replacing?

I do see her on the odd time on defense, but can’t say much about her. If she fires and it happens that my new weak color coincides with another elemental special that fires on the defense, I guess that could hurt. Other than that, it’s pretty much just special damage.


Maybe not but…
they do something
Unless it is written, skills are not elemental based

She is basically Thorne on defense…

Offensively she does shine for a dwindling formation niche.
Tiles ARE elemental
And mythic titans. That’s very limited for such a rare resource as mats

And I know it’s meaningless but…
I think it’s extra limited for such great artwork

Awesome artwork & animation !! What a waste !! The fates r supposed to be all powerful ! Heck they even have Odins eye don’t they !!! Meh !!!

Exactly this. As your roster grows you will only be able to put 5% of less of your heroes in a defensive role. Where they will make far less of an impact to your game than your offensive heroes.

Norns is an interesting niche hero with some powerful utility in her niche - namely titans and mythic titans and with some hero combinations in raids/wars, making her useful for veteran players. For newer players with few 5* options then the strong hit-3 will likely improve your offensive and defensive capabilities anyway.

There are lots of heroes that are terrible in defense and good or great in offense.


She’s not good or great for titans. Your still better off with your mono 4*

Her “niche” is one event,
And double formations. Which isn’t war

She is ok for yurple teams.
Great…is an exaggeration, since her skill requires tiles to cooperate for lanes on 3 targets

…not worth mats in this creep environment


Well, no, in a lot of cases.

For example it is very difficult to pull guardian panther. So many rosters will not have a great hitting team vs yellow titans. On the flip side it is - relatively - easier to get a strong hitting team vs purple titans with guardian jackal much easier to obtain.

So a yellow team with norns will get much better scores than a mono 4* purple team.

On titans where items are used this is not much of an issue. Or at least not any more of any issue than fielding any other team. No hero/team can perform if you don’t get the tiles. And regarding rads I never said she was great in raids, just that she has some use there.

As always, depends on your roster. If you don’t make many pulls then it is better to learn how to use what you have effectively than to hoard your mats forever


Yes. Spend lots of money, pull dupes galore and then smear the forum chastising the struggling folks that they need to git gud and learn to play. It never gets old and is continually entertaining.

Do you have a frame of reference?
Have you practiced this philosophy?
These are rhetorical questions :wink:
You’re getting close to benched 5*
Keep it up!

Yeah ok :+1:

I have Norns.
I like Norns!
I absolutely love her artwork!
…and… I use her from time to time

Here’s the thing about niche heroes:

  • Hooray you got the Rush Niche Hero!
  • Booo you didn’t get the Anti-minion Niche Hero…
  • Hooray you got Mythic Niche Hero!
  • Booo you didn’t get the Stack Niche hero…

it’s… expensive…!

And for someone who is desperately working on versatility, so they can be more "effective" … then, a niche hero will obviously have to do…

For everyone else, there’s always mythic titans!

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[📯 Norns – Season 3 Hero – 5* Holy/Yellow: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback]

[Fix / Buff / Adjust Norns]

I like using Norns for offensive raids so much I limit broke her. I pair her with Costume Vivica and rotate in 3 heroes of the color that are strong versus the tank. After you kill the tank, Norns can add a second week color to one side so you can quickly clear an opponent.

I agree she is not a hero to put in your defense team, but you don’t need 30 heroes on defense. For wars she is great vs rainbow teams.

As mentioned by @Pompitous she is excellent vs Mythic titans as well. Turning weak to strong colors can lead to major damage since the titan only weakensc one color.

I think Norns is severely underrated as a B- hero.


Regardless of one’s perspective on whether the Norns is great, average or bad, niche, better paired with heroes that most players don’t have or whatever you want her to be, the fact is, she has a special skill that does not work on defense. That should make the skill itself broken thus the clamor of some of us to get it fixed.

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Elemental defense down doesn’t work for defense teams either. Yet I don’t see anyone complain that those heroes are useless. Has anyone ever complained about drawing Guardian Panther? Not to my knowledge,

Norns isn’t the only offense specialist…


I use her with a rainbow team.

Cascades are exquisite

For other than double formations… I find the 3 lanes do not cooperate often enough for me to give emblems let alone LB.

She’s not the worst S3 imo
Far from the best tho

Yes, not great defense, however…
Her dispel will still work

And the def down will too!

But Norns… no effect…!

Just wanted to add to the chorus of “who cares if Norns aren’t good on defense?”

The only time that matters is very early in your playing career. And even then, only for a shortish while.

Being able to field a very strong second team for mythic titans is valuable. Maybe less valuable to some than to others, but it’s a pretty big deal if you do care about mythics. (And the fact that Norns can be just as effective in that role at 3/70, as they would when maxed, is just icing on the cake.)

There are other S3 heroes that’d be better for almost everyone, sure. But I’d much rather pull Norns than any of the S1 yellow 5s, except Joon. Norns have their uses. Don’t dismiss them altogether, like you should if you pull (for example) Atomos, Perseus, Margaret, Mok-Arr, Bai Yeong, Zulag, Mica, or Inari (just to name a few other paywall heroes).


Only for her own subsequent attacks though (unless your defense includes a second Dark hero, which is rarely advisable).

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(Note: I actually don’t think Mok-Arr is worthless. He’s definitely “niche at best,” but can be part of a devastating mono Dark AOE attack team, if you have other heroes that also fit that mold. In rush format, a team of cRigard, cTiburtus, Quintus, Mok, and pretty much any other hitter will wipe out a defense in six or seven tiles, depending on your mana troop situation.)
(ETA: I suppose you could do something similar with Atomos)

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Inari and Perseus ok…
But some of the others are debatable.

I loved Margaret next to my Gazelle!
on offense!

And Mok-Arr just needs the right team:


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Great minds think alike! (and so do ours!) :joy:

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