Why is nothing being done about Kadilen's Eclipse Shield special?

I’m giving Kadilen a set of tonics over my 2nd Lianna. She’s great imo since her last buff.


I like Kadilen too. She is a very solid support hero. I am currently giving Alberich my druids emblems, when he gets +7 I will stop with him and start embleming Kadilen

Sorry, but the math just doesn’t add up here.
Latest raid: an un-buffed Magni hits my Kadilen (with her +74% buff up) for 636hp

Stats on cards:
Enemy’s Magni: 823 ATK, +23% ATK troops, ?+20% inherent Raid defense boost?
My Kadilen: 802 DEF, +17% DEF troops, +74% defense against special skills

I can’t crunch the numbers in any way to come up with how he hit her for 636hp

running it through the aforementioned damage calculation formula would yield a 466hp hit (in which case I would deem an acceptable hit with a +74% buff active and say that Kadilen works and is not broken)

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I am reading some pretty detailed posts about there being a random coefficient of 0.5-1.5 being applied to the attack/defense ratio (■■■■ RNG strikes again) and that it follows a Gaussian law with an average out over time of 0%…meaning you’ll get some good and some bad and overall it will average out in the end. This could account for the random huge hits and the sometimes seemingly totally understandable/acceptable hits in the 300-400 range.

I think that could possibly why this is happening, which is pretty broken I would say, that variation is just way too much.

I think that is mentioned in the damage calculation thread, but I personally haven’t seen variations nearly that high except maybe with low-damage tiles. Certainly I’ve never seen Lianna’s arrows hit for 500 HP one turn and 1500 HP the next.

I suspect that there are factors in the damage formula that either aren’t right or we’re not accounting for yet, particularly surrounding how multiple similar buffs stack like in this thread…

They did somethin about kadilen

They gave us zeline

That’s how this game flows

Players complain about certain heroes, SG adds the option of buying an improvement

Seshat > domitia/thoth-amun
Frida > thorne
Gm > marjana
Zeline > horghall/kadilen
Drake > justice

And I’m sure the list could go on and on and you’ll find complaints about every hero on the right side of that list in this forum as being underpowered and a few on the left being overpowered. Just part of the business model. Put out a few inferior products to set the bar low for purchasable improvements.

Emblems can be a good distraction for making players think tc20 heroes are now improved into same competitive levels as paywall heroes, but a distraction is truly all it is. I have emblemed a few tc20 heroes but in the back of my mind i know each one will most likely be reset by 2021


And I’ve got Thoth, Marjana, Kadilen, Domitia, Quintus, & Thorne. Lol.


Marjana is the only one i would max in that list

I did consider domitia for a long time but then snagged kage and sesh. Before that i worked sonya/caed into lineups i needed a dispeller in and i dont mono so lived without domitia and glad i did because sesh and kage are much better tabbard and resource investments

Marjana is still unique as she is the only red 5* sniper so has yet to be replaced unless you’ve been lucky enough to pull a gm or 2

Actually Kadilen hit stronger then Zeline and Zimkitha which are the most similar heroes.

Arguabily her skill is less useful of the other two, but always remember she is just a regular hero.

Honestly, she is a very good defensive hero. Yes, defensive and not for attack.
When i face her i don’t want to let her shoot, as her damage is quite something and her skill at least annoying.

I have her in my defence and she is crazy good, i can swear.
She is not meant to take with you in attack, that’s true.


I may be wrong, but from my understanding the damage calculation formula only gives a premise of the damage ( approx) and not the exact.

I’d bring her with Wilbur, or Kunchen, or Isarnia, etc… even Evelyn… but not without a defense down or elemental down… that’s how I use Quintus in wars. He, Wilbur, and Zimkitha are best buds :slight_smile:


I have her near maxed, and I absolutely agree myself. You’re spot on. :slight_smile:

She’s very underrated around these forums I find. Her effect may not be as great as Zeline or Zimkitha (the other fast AoE hitters) but her damage for a fast AoE hero is actually better on average than the other two (not counting extra damage to ice or the attack buff), to make up for the more situational special skill defense buff.


I disagree. She sits on my main attack team that regularly gets me to world number 1.

She helps keep me alive long enough to get my healers and or attackers going.

She may not be the best hero but she does have her place.


An emblemed Lianna recently hit my Mother North +9 for over 1,300 damage (there were no buffs on her or status ailments on me). So the number you’re giving doesn’t seem impossible to me. I think at this point, video is probably in order. I think you’ll find that there are a number of people in the forum who would help you analyze what’s going on.


Perhaps it’s just that, then. Power creep making the hits enormous, along with the randomizer in the damage equation.

It cannot be power creep if the hitter was Lianna, another S1 hero. From what I’ve seen the actual damage reduction from specials falls closer to 25% than 74%, which is a bit on the weak side. It is worth noting, however that it is possible that Lianna’s special procced and ignored the defense up

Kadelin is “the most worthless 5 star in the game” could only possibly come from a player that has never met my good friends Thorne and Quintus.

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Or Elk, Horghall, Khagan, etc.


Don’t sleep on Khagan now, pair him with Falcon and wreck some faces. I also like Quintus, especially with Wilbur… wish I had Kunchen… Elk is great with Evelyn, and Thorne is as well with Frida or even an emblemed Grimm.

I have no argument for Horghall though… he’s bad.


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