Why is my game defaulting to Team 2?


I noticed this while Raiding, no matter how often I switch to Team 1, I’m still on Team 2 somehow when the raid comes up. No, it’s not set to Defense:

I keep swiping back to Team 1, applying, but to no avail. Help!

Is there a glitch

Simple solution: Swipe at Raid…not at heroes. rolls eyes at self :grin:


Oh good. You found out. Was already in the middle of a big tutorial post with 4 pictures in it to help you but… ohwell. Guess mods can lock this one away then :wink:


Actually, if you edit the team, it becomes your default. So it can be done from hero page as well


Hi dav/staff
I was just wondering is there a glitch in the game when i want to raid it would only allow me to use only my defence team i had to turn my attack team into a defence team so i could use it but when i use my attack team in a raid it alliow me to with out changing as well all my tools used in battle are gone i had dragon attacks banners metors potion all gone

I edit the team 6 times still same problem


Did you try swiping to another team?


I tryed that i even tryed completly turning off my phone still its the same problem some one told me to reinstall game but will i not loss evey thing i been playing for 5 month i am the leader of my alliance i do not want to delete game and reinstall it

This did not happen until i did the new update


Did that want back to defence team


Ok i figure a way to do it

I go to raid find my opponent then click on edit then choose my hero then apply then click on fight more work but it works for attacking but you have to do it every time you want to attack


Well that was the problem. I was editing the team, and it was NOT defaulting. Hence my original post… :wink:


My defense team is Team 1, my Titan team is Team 2. It was defaulting to Team 2. No clue why.

My solution right now: Click Raid, click Find Opponent, Swipe to the correct team. Problem solved.