Why.... is loot shrinking?

There season 4 tracking going on at this point. If you want to help. Barry always welcome for any help, yall cool if you have line app shouldnt be a issue to get you on board.

My WE 45 used 27 flasks plus a level up. Other random WE used aswell.
Got around 1600 backpacks.
So not much difference really maybe bit more my sea dragon coins another story. Dropping lower each time.
Loot seems alright with moi.

Think of it like candy at the supermarket. Every year they (manufacturers) shave 10 grams off that bar of chocolate, all the while keeping prices the same.

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I just want to point out that alliance war loot is supposed to be “great” rewards as is elemental chests! This last war I got a tall boot and sturdy shield. Almost all my alliance got crap rewards and this takes weeks to complete. Not that long ago great rewards meant great rewards. Why so stingy now recently?? I get you guys want more money but at least make the experience a pleasant one before you screw us!

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The wife is claiming the same with only anecdotal evidence. I came here to see if there was anything substantial. Hmm…

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