Why.... is loot shrinking?

Why did they shrink the number of backpacks, i spent 100 loots and all day playing with numerous flasks and only 399 backpacks to show for it. I can get that amount in season 1 with less spending. The only reason I can come up with is i spend more . Jokes on you people ill stop playing the quests . This is starting to become more about spending and less about entertainment. Just my opinion, and im one person, if you ban me so be it.it will save me money in the long run.

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Which levels were you playing?

S.2 province 1 has increased chance of backpacks

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When atlantis rises i mighy ad.

Materials to craft time stop, tornado and to forge recruits was been on low for the past 6 months.

We’ve been feeling the same in my alliance. One of our member reported to have enough packs to run 2 TC2 for 8 days afte using 26 flasks. He used to have both camps at 12days before.

More events, more crowded schedule and less items to play them… Congrats Zynga…

I have played 1.9, easy and hard, 13.1 easy and hard ,1.2 easy and hard. The backpacks just arent there , for 106 loots and manual all day to come up with 399, that is wrong. Ive played this game 3 years and its never been this bad.i use to look forward to Atlantis it was one of my fav quests now it feels more like a lost cause. anyway enjoy your game , i might not get to much longer , cause i can’t afford to. Thanks.

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We may need @BarryWuzHere to redo the Atlantis stages and determine the new drop stats per level per province during AR. Tried farming Provinces 1 and 2 and found them unimpressed on the backpack drops. But on 9-10, i got what i usually was getting on the first two provinces when farming during AR last year.

Sadly this is very true and I have noticed this too. Been playing over 3years…before and during atlantis Rises I used to get more backpacks than what I get now from my go to places, last atlantis Rises I spent 200 loot tickets and noticed a huge difference where in total I had 220 less backpacks than rugged clothing and wooden swords… Other materials I have also noticed a lack of but can’t give a comparison

Haha that’s gonna be another lot of effort to re-start atlantis farming again. If barry agrees I’ll help out.
I use around 30 flasks plus a level up each alantis, my backpacks are around the same over the last 6 atlaints there is one thing that I not getting enough of though compared to the 4 atlantis. Haha

Will check my backpack after AR finishes to see if it still goood.


I’ve just been mining 2-6H for large bones and just from that I’ve had tonnes backpacks. Had about 800 in store before I started the farming.

In fact I’ve had loads more than last AR from - 2-6H now I recall…

If anything I thought they turned the loot up…my coins have been about double too…

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I’ll give 2-6 H a go thanks.

I give no promises. 2-6 was mentioned as best for Large bones in Barry farms so I just hit that as mini-mana are all I care about mostly :joy:

My whole game revolves around my 800 mini-mana a month habit :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yeah. I know. But it would be good if @BarryWuzHere or any other data miners would make the initiative. I’d also gladly help with my 58 max WE. I just need to hoard more WE flasks to be of a good contributor. I don’t have the time and patience of what those guys are doing and contributing to the community, much less start from scratch, but I would love to help.

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I’m down to 8900 large bones.

I used 160 tickets and 40 flasks on S2 stage 27-9 hard mode and got about 650 backpacks out of it. I don’t think it’s reduced or shrinking. Just try to play different stages. I get enough backpacks for 2 weeks worth of trainings from 27-9 Hard mode. But, it comes down ti RNG at the end of the day

I used to have masses of them. But event placings and titans just nailed my supplies until I ran out. Now I spend the month building them back up for the next event. It’s a never ending cycle :joy:

Yeah I have noticed them declining too mainly from daily titan hits. main issue is nuggets though for ninja and mythic titans. Trying to use more time stops instead cause I have a large supply of dragon bones.

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Wow! You’ve noticed, too?! Thought it was just me and the other hundreds of forum users that have been saying this for about two years…

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Guys, I am re-running S2 1.2 and spent 190 tickets + 26 WE flasks so far and have 26 days of TC 2 up and running. So it works as expected. At least I have not noticed any decrease of loot in AR.

edit: I just realized this above is kinda useless without knowing number of runs. So in other words - I am getting an average of 3 backpacks per run of S2 1.2 and satisfied with the result.

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I do have some spare backpack and swords, would just like some worthy heroes to use them on…

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loot is disappointing most of the times no doubt, backpacks however are like same, i play S2, 1–9 N on auto and get good amount of backpacks…

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