Why is Kelile considered a bad hero if Marjana is a good one?

Same thing, different stars. Are Kelile’s stats so bad she’s considered one of the worst (if not the worst) red 4*, while Marjana is one of the best (if not the best) red 5*?

dont compare them,

ramming pulverizer > DOT

athena > marjana

kelile > nashgar

A fair point. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s because Marjana actually has the power to one-shot people, whereas Kelile, while powerful for a four, can’t quite pull it off. Plus, as a four, she’s in competition with some awfully useful others: namely Boldtusk’s healing and attack buff, Gormek’s defense reduction, Falcon’s fire defense reduction, and now Lancelot’s utility.

Personally, I prefer Elena, Azlar, Ares, Cpt. Kestrel, and Natalya to Marjana, but I’m probably in the minority in that.


Yeah, I think the main reason is that there are several great 4* red such as boldtusk, falcon, gormek, and even Scarlett and colen. It’s not that she is bad, it’s just there are better. Marjana has fast attack and 5* single hitter. There aren’t as many great 5* red to chose from.

I don’t think I understand your point :frowning:

I’m not asking to compare Athena with Marjana or Kelile with Nashgar. Of course Kelile 4* is better than Nashgar 3*. And you do need to have a defense reduction on the crew.

I’m asking why a fast 5* with a DoT is considered a good 5* and a fast 4* with a DoT is considered a bad 4*. You can run defense reducing hero with either Marjana or Kelile, but one is still considered good while the other is considered crap. That’s what puzzles me :thinking:

I see the other points :face_with_monocle: I personally don’t like Scarlett. Attack reduction, feh.


Boldtusk = better
Colen = better on a lot of content
Scarlett = better on a lot of content
Gormek = worst of the pulverizer triplets, but if you don’t have the other two, better on all content

She just isn’t very good compared to most of the other red 4*'s, that includes Falcon and Lancelot from events too… then we have to compare her against the other color 4* hitters and she comes up short there too.

Marjana is one of the better 5* reds but she falls into the same issue of being fairly equivalent to other single target strikers.

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You are nowhere near the minority. I agree almost to a T. I haven’t spoken with anyone who thinks that Marjana is the best or even near the best 5 star Fire Hero.

If I had her, I’d try her in doubles on a Titan…see if she’s better than Scarlett (squishy). But I don’t, so I don’t.

On a rainbow team, I’d prefer my BT…

Kelile (and Colen) isn’t half bad but is seen as a weak 4* cause there’s a better same-color-5* while others red 4* have “unique” effects. Hitters are like this, if all they can do is damage there will be a better/worse hero.

If burning/poison could decrease regeneration value (like Ares, Alberich and Gwynevere heal) and flat heal then the “weak” heroes could be more appreciated in some content, even if they’ll have a straight up “buffed” hero in the upper tier.

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Kelile isnt a bad hero really. As previously stated, she just falls short in comparison to the rest of the reds.

I would take Kelile over Chao any day of the week for example haha.


As everyone says, kelile just has too much competition from other great heroes. I would lvl her over Colen myself, but that’s about it.

As for Marjana… I actually think she’s one of the worst if not the worst red 5* - so they’re not that different :wink:

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Interesting, I view her as around 3rd best and her position with Nat is kind of swappable.

Ares > Nat / Marjana > Azlar > Kestrel / Khagan > Elena > Kong

Marjana’s strength is in her general use case, you can literally use her in any content and she simply does not suck. Sure we can prioritize attack stat for titans but there’s more to the game than that and people’s priorities are admittedly different.

Elena for example has a high attack stat: and that’s it. Kong I still don’t know where he fits, map farming? Khagan and Kestrel both are defensive heroes, not really sure how to rate Khagan but Kestrel just isn’t that great.

5*'s are comparatively easy to evaluate: if someone is willing to put a ring on it rather than waiting to see what’s next, it’s a decent hero… and out of the normal draws Marj definitely lands in that category.

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I must admit I kind of forgot about Kestrel and Kong for a second there… So I agree that she wouldn’t be the worst :smiley:

I agree that everyone has their own preferences and playing styles and different heroes fit those better than others. I currently have no red 5*s - so if I would get marjana, I would probably spend my rings on her. Because I almost only actually value usefulness for titans I put her very low. Even when she’s maxed I don’t think I would take her on my titan team.

She would make raids a bit easier though, but since that part of the game won’t get you any further as of yet (no reward for having a lot of cups, as opposed to better loot when you finish higher on titan) - she isn’t that good of a hero imo.

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I like Kestrel. A fast charger with good stats who can deal 335% damage to three enemies… Though there are better against titans, he’s an absolute beast as a raid attacker.

Have you play tested him yourself? At what cup values? While opinions do differ both Arien and I came to the conclusion that even when conditions are perfect he isn’t fantastic on raid attack, similar to most AE damage skills.

Scarlett is the most attack minded hero in the game. That is her purpose. All out attack.

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Heh when I use her it’s primarily for the attack debuff. She was in my Gorgon team until just recently, and I used to use her extensively pre-80’s in raid attacking especially against boldtusk / ares where she’s a direct counter to their buff.

I wasn’t overflowing with dispellers, or most excellent blue hitters at the time.

Anyway my personal opinion is Scarlett is one of the most underrated heroes in game, though I think that about Chao too and hardly anyone agrees with me on that point haha so YMMV.

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Yeah. I just remembered her when I was making a table of the most attack minded heroes where she won the first place. She is special.

I think Kelile is great. She’s my avatar and my first red hero I maxed out. I did a red elemental summons and now have Elena, Bokdtusk, and Gormek. My Khagan is almost at tier 3. I still need and use Kelile a lot. I quite often kill Gormek Scarlett, and Boldtusk on raids easily. I don’t face Elena that much but crush her too. Personally Kelile is a favorite and very valuable in my arsenal.

I’ve got Kestrel and have him maxed, though it’s true, he’s the first five-star I’ve been able to ascend and I haven’t had the luxury of having others to fully ascend and compare him to.

I don’t see what there is not to like though. He dolls out tons of damage.

Sure, I guess it’d be nice if he had a secondary effect, but it’s not like the other legendary fire heroes do either: Elena, Azlar, and Marjana are all basically damage-dealers as well, just in slightly different forms. Khagan is unique, and I guess you could make an argument for him, but five rounds of minor mana increase if you’re lucky enough to get the tiles just doesn’t seem worth it.

Ares is the only red that’s obviously better, to me, than Kestrel, but that’s not saying much. Ares is clearly better than everyone.