Why is Guin a Wizard?

because the thing has eggs, GVM is already completely decompensated, decompensating it more. And since there are few, (from 2500 cups there are millions, from 2 in 2 and up to 3), it is not a problem, anyway. By the way, I almost always shoot with GVM, with Geneva not once (if this GVM is not), I always die before shooting.

@Sanchezsam2 Trials of Serenity, Paladin/Ranger, gets Ares and Aegir, 2 HOTM. Both are heal 3.

Trials of Justice, Paladin/Monk, gets Ares, Aegir, Tarlak, Aeron, and Friar Tuck. 4 HOTM and a 3* who heals nearest 3 isn’t really super balanced either.

Trials of Strength, Barbarian/Fighter, gets Boldtusk and Delilah. A HOTM and the weakest heal of the 4* healers.

Barbarian/Rogue, as you pointed out, has none.

Meanwhile, Trials of Fortune, Cleric/Druid, has MN, Vivica, Rigard, Hawkmoon, Alby, Gadeirus and Melendor.

So again, I find the argument that putting Kiril and Guin in Sorcerer is balancing for class quests is somewhat unpersuasive. Wizard could easily have been one of the classes with no healers. It’s buffs aren’t well suited to them. Putting them in Sorcerer and rearranging pairings wouldn’t have been hard.

Um. Little John, Like Xiu, Chao, Hansel, Grettel, Cabin Boy Peters, Proteus, Merlin. Negative mana effects and specials prevention seem pretty prevalent at 4*. Unless I’m misunderstanding something?

It seems pretty huge for Rigard. And MN is even nastier, because it makes it hard to stop her heals, minions and Rez.

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Your misunderstanding yes core hero’s are spread out and hotm/event hero’s are spread out especially considering you are discussing an event hero and then trying to use core hero’s as an excuse really feels deaf.
There Are 2 core healer and a single event healer which only heals 3 as well in wizards.

Ares I used extensively and his heals are extremely useful. Aegir as well especially considering a lot of people were aided by consumables as well. I’ve used boldtusk as a solo healer plenty of times through multiple events he’s fine. You really are trying to spin an event hero into a stronger class.

Negative mana effects are on 4* hero’s however it’s mostly on rare event hero’s most of which aren’t common. Out of the 3 core hero’s u mentioned chao/li xui are the only common hero’s used. For something that only works 30% of the time it’s not a common effect. Unlike something like a rogue which prevents all special damage which is much more common.

Guin is fine as a wizard as is kiril. There were several other healers moved away from wizards for balance reasons. The hero/class balance is actually pretty good the way core and event hero’s are spread out as healers.

Not at all true for healers. 2 are Druid. 3 are Cleric. 1 is Fighter. 1 (a 3* heal-3) is Monk. 1 is Sorcerer, and 1 is Wizard. That not well distributed at all. I hear what you’re trying to say. It just doesn’t agree with what they actually did.

And adding in event healers doesn’t even things out much. Look at the class quests I listed again. One has 7 healers, one has 2 HOTM healers and no core, one has 1 3* healer, and one has no healers. How can you describe that as: “The hero/class balance is actually pretty good the way core and event hero’s are spread out as healers?”

You’re misunderstand me. I’m not trying to spin an event hero into a stronger class. I’m saying that most people don’t have one, so using them for “balance” is not very useful. 100% of the people in 7DD get helped by this. For the mid-game alliances? Not so much…

Little John, Chao, and Li Xiu are all very common through Platinum. Proteus is an Atlantis hero, and so also very common. The only event heroes are Hansel, Grettel, and Merlin. And they’re all so useful that if people have them, they field them. So saying Mana control is “mostly on rare event heroes” just isn’t accurate.

Also, 30% of the time is HUGE. That’s Alby’s rez percentage, give or take a few points. That’s the blinded miss percentage, give or take a few points.

It makes MN and Rigard super hard to stop on defense, since your Mana cut specials will fail to halt them about 1 time in 3.

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You should look at Heroes Do not Match Classes

I think this will explain why people will not only be frustrated by this logic, how you might be able to improve.

Hi Kerridoc,
If you get a moment, check out Heroes Do not Match Classes . I think this explains why people are frustrated. I also offer two suggestions for improvement.



Does Guin’s special skill now do damage with the Jinx talent grid? Jinx has 5% chance to deal 15% extra damage per active buff, applies to normal and special. If its true that would be cool :slight_smile:

15% of 0 is still 0 but she could have an increased damage on her auto attack and tile damage.


See it as a little nerv on Guin. So far so good…
We do not need a even more unbalanced Guin.

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Ok. But Gravemaker yes.

Let’s just trying to imagine Guin in other classes.

Fighter Guin. A Guin that can revive and cut your mana.
Oh my god please no.

Paladin Guin. A Guin more tanky. Oh my god please no.

Monk Guin. A guin that can avoid staus ailments. Oh my god please no.

Cleric Guin. A Guin that can avoid mana stop (Hel, Proteus, Merlin). Oh my god please no.

Sorcerer Guin. A Guin that can slow you down mana. Oh my god please no.

Druid Guin. A guin with a little friend stopping your attacks. Oh my god please no.

Rogue Guin. A Guin that can evade your specials. Oh my god please no.

That leave Barbarian, Wizard or Ranger.
Take your pick :face_with_monocle:


It’s for balance purposes. Same reason Kage and GM are in the same class

Needed to be said again. She’s strong enough as is, zero need to make her even harder than just her stats will.


Sure. I know I certainly wasn’t requesting that they move her. Just pointing out that it genuinely is a stealth nerf when most of the other heroes get a much bigger improvement with their classes than Guin does with hers.

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20 L(izard)W characters

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Yer, that some serious thread necroing @LadyAchilles, but absolutely justified.

I’m awarding you and @FraVit93 a joint Bardic Post of the Day :medal_sports:


Yer, actually worth reading through the thread for this last bit …

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I really just came here to decide if I should put emblems on Guin or not, got my answer…and a good laugh too :slight_smile:

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I think the new question here is, why is telluria a paladin?

Guin used to be Paladin when emblems were first introduced, then SG pulled a sneaky and changed her class to wizard within months. And even with that handicap she can still perform even at this meta. She’ll always be the tank queen. More than telluria will ever be

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