Why is Guin a Wizard?

I mean I understand the idea is to tone her down but the wizard talent literally doesn’t effect her other than defensive stat buffs (which any hero can choose).

The vast majority of the class are nukers which makes sense because Jinx adds damage. Guin doesnt do damage. Onatel is kind of the same to a lesser extent.

Anyways I’m sure this isn’t an original thought but it just seems like an un-creative way to change tank meta.

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You’ll likely find this interesting, since it’s an already-active discussion on this topic:


Thanks, I did read that. I just reply there.

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Guinevere could be a wizard, but him…



Several reasons
Every class quest should have access to a healer so someone needs to bite the bullet

And guin is one of the few healers w an offensive component to take advantage of the special damage.

Also she’s already powerful and doesn’t need the best class trait

@Fra - Gold man, pure gold

She doesn’t have any offensive damage at all…

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She does a basic slash attack/tile damage.


Does her mana drain not trigger the buff damage because as the ability is worded it doesn’t specify the special needs damage.

Come on Kerridoc lol. That’s some high level stuff.

So does Prisca. Let’s make her a wizard too!

I’ll rephrase: “Her special does not do any offensive damage”.

We could also complain about Zeline being a Wizard, because she dispels the very buffs she can benefit from. Fortunately her attack hits before the dispel.


I don’t have a problem with the term Wizard. The problem is that the Jinx buff increases damage dealt. Zeline benefits from that. Guinevere does not do damage with her special ability.

Look I’m not a Guinevere apologist, I just think it’s a lazy way of trying to nerf her. If you want to nerf her just do it.


I think this is a very subtle way of reducing guin’s domination at tank over time.

SG probably couldn’t afford to nerf her abilities considering the amount some have spent chasing her, and they have instead chosen to introduce a new overlay of abilities which advantages her slightly less than others.

The bigger concern is whether these new abilities advantage other heroes too much (I’m looking at you, Gravemaker) considering GM’s place in the meta is just as dominant as Guinevere, if not more so

Either way, it is a subtle adjustment to Guinevere’s domination, which is probably a good thing for interest in the game at highest levels being maintained

I think that the class was thought more on what the hero does (special) than what appearence they have

They won’t outright nerf her again. Just too much money spent on her and business sense says “don’t pisc off the whales”

We’ll see how it goes, i have a feeling we’ll still see adjustments post release, I’ve never seen any features make it out of beta and not be further tweaked afterwards. Alliance wars, season 2, both still bein messed with lol(AW is almost a year old full release, over a year old if you count time in Beta)

It’s just the way things are done in E&P. Rush thru beta, release worldwide, deal with issues as they come up(class update already on hold, barely made it 24 hours, prime example :joy: )


They should just let her be cleric or paladin

As stated before she is fine where she is in order to balance class quests some healers needed to bite the bullet she is one of them.
It’s appropriate as she’s the most overused high level healer/tank.
Kiril is also one of the most overused 4* healers and he had to bite the bullet too.

Guin doesn’t need anymore help w a strong talent.

That’s fine, you are entitled to your opinion and I’m entitled to disagree.

I think its dumb to put her in a class where she gets zero benefit. I also disagree that every class needs a healer or nuker etc…that shoudlnt be the point of classes IMO. Kashrek as a wizard with Sartana, Hel, etc is also, if not more ridiculous as stated above. Theres no need to ram a square peg in a round hole “just because the class needs a healer”. Kashrek goes from trash to super ultra trash now.

Anyhoo. Disagreement is healthy.

People before complaining about her been to powerful.
Now that something has be done in that sense you complain about it.

I don’t want to be polemic but… what you suggest to do about her?
Which class you rather put her?


There are currently no healers in Barbarian, Ranger or Rogue. And Ares and Aegir are pretty weak healing in Paladin. So that can’t be it. It genuinely looks like just an attempt to relatively weaken her.

Interestingly, Rigard, who is a very popular 4* healer, got a huge lift by being put in Cleric.

On the stealth weakening side: I wouldn’t exactly say making Boldtusk a Fighter was a huge benefit either. But at least if he rezes with full mana he can heal himself…

Ares is a stronger healer then guin. Most classes are paired with another class with healers for quests. There was a lot of balancing of hero’s to which class on beta so that common hero’s and healers are proportionally mixed to complete these quests.

The only quest that has no healer is barb/rogue and that won’t be for long. Clerics isn’t even that great especially for 4* hero’s where mana manipulation isn’t that common. For instance alby as a Druid is likely better then north as a cleric since it makes alby much more durable.

I’m also not saying guin wasn’t given a strong talent becuase she was already to strong. Guin (or any healer) as a rogue would be incredibly strong.