Why is Guenevere so overpowing


I am curious I have spent a lot of time and money on this game. I have watched my team grow and have been a very dedicated player, that being said why was Guenevere built to be so overpowering? Her mana says average but she goes off almost every turn on a decent gem board and teams far beneath my team power of 4000+ are handing me my tail because she wipes out mana on all of my 5 star attackers at the beginning of the computers attack. I have often felt that raids should be player vs player online only none of this computer deciding raids through an algarythm and with Guenevere the issues are connected. 10 minutes ago I lost 3 raids to a 3500 power team with almost 2800 trophies and their defence was nothing special and the TROOPS even less so. I am at a loss of understanding why you all allowed 1 HERO to have such a drastic effect on the game.


She’s powerful but SG can’t release another proper tank now. Because of how strong they are when paired with Guineverre. So don’t expect another strong tank alternative to Guin either anymore. It’s Guin or bust. Good luck on the 12 days a year she’s available


I don’t know why she is so powerful, but we made a thread on how to beat her (with regular heroes only, no less), here:


Bring Sabina and have a three row of purple set up when she goes off.


Without nerfing her any farther they could just make her cost more team points to balance it out. Right now if you look at the top 100 teams 90% have Gwen. Making her a requirement to be competitive.


I have 2 merlin at 3/60, I sumo sabina and it always dies, the problem is that the one that has gin, has much more. She dies easily with that configuration, but most of the time she gets lost.


Gwen is ridiculously overpowered, to the point that you need an almost all purple team and luck to take her out. She’s incredibly unbalanced and in need of a nerf. She shouldn’t be able to lock down an entire team by herself or force you to stack purple to just get her down. Her mana drain should be knocked down to 15% or she should be slow at a minimum. On defense she is game breaking.


So what he rest of us are just supposed to eat it for the next 330 days