Why is everyone so scared of Santa?

Hello everyone,

It’s all in the title.

I recently ascended Santa & since I put him in my team, I’ve noticed a HUGE diminution of raids number during the night.

For example, before I had him, when I was going to bed with 2 500+ trophies, the next morning I used to get - 200/ - 300.

Since I put Santa, seems that no one wanna attack me anymore. Went to bed with 2 580 trophies yesterday, got attacked only 3 times this night ._. Same for 2d ago, only 7 attacks instead of 15 usually.

Why are ppl so afraid ? :scream: :santa:

edit : got a 3 750 power team with two 4* in, nothing impressive.

edit 2 : he’s not even maxed, 2d ago was lvl 25, now 40.

Afraid santa??? :thinking::thinking::thinking: nahhh… i dont afraid him hahahahaha…
I am more afraid hero mana fast or very fast :joy::joy:


They may be afraid that if they attack him, he won’t give them anything next Christmas…


Afraid? Me neither but I fear his wife in case I don’t have enough time-stops or mana controler available :scream:

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Well, I’m just noticing that I went from 15 attacks/night to an average of 5… Seems that some ppl are scared lol.

That’s why I came here & started this topic. Willing to understand why he seems so scary for a lot of people :thinking:

You must have replaced a much weaker tank. I love fighting Santa, I bring a couple blues and make sure Kiril is one of them. He’s cake.

I replaced Leo as a tank. Not the best tank I agree but far away from being the worst as well imo

edit : and so, if you’re right, that means anyway that ppl are scared of Santa since they don’t attack anymore .-.

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Here’s Santa, Bringer of Death from a dead ccg I used to play:


I wouldn’t definitely be on his black list :skull_and_crossbones:

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Well, this one is kinda scarier than mine :frowning: Trade ? :smiley:

  1. He is a super tank. Hp and def for days.
  2. He lowers atk and def.
  3. His minions attack you while you are defense down.

Tthe fact you need to hand Santa Hidden Blades for any purpose should be scary enough.


He knows when you are sleeping
He knows when you are awake
He knows if you’ve been bad or good
So be good or get the shank…


It’s because he’s a divider tank that lets you move up a bit before stronger teams make him irrelevant. Like Kash or Boril on 4* level, they are super hard until they are not hard at all.

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Afraid of being burched and getting splattered by xmas gifts… :wink:

My guess is that he’s unfamiliar. He requires waking your brain up for a minute instead of bringing the same old same old. Easier to hit the reroll button and fight another Guin tank. yawn


I wouldn’t go by a few days to determine if people are scared. I can go through days where I get attacked 3-5 times and win them all. Then suddenly the wind shifts and I have to scroll down the page to see the end of the list with very mixed win/loss results.

It matters a lot with how many trophies you go to bed. When I go to bed with 2700-2800 I wake up totally demolished down to 2400+ with countless hits. But when I do with 2600 I wake up with just a few attacks taking me to 2500+ usually.


Couldn’t it just be Leo is a poor tank?

There is an irrational fear of Santa. We are not used to seeing him after Christmas. Imagine the fear when he is seen in the middle of July. Global warming?


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