Why is Buddy a great hero in the blue Titans?

Why is Buddy said to be great in the Blue Titans? Which makes him great. I don `t get it ?? How can you stand the 10-12 star titans? Can you help me please ?
I have Buddy. Should I raise him?

His stats are ok but his special says it all. He allows you to effectively replace the role of BT and Grimm with one hero!

Big scores against titans need to have a defense debuff and an attack buff. You also want to stack as many heroes as you can of the strong color against the Titan. And you want the heroes to be survivable.

Buddy checks a lot of these boxes against blue titans.

  • Defense debuff. Only green hero with -defense
  • Color match. Although he has a low attack stat, his hits count for double compared to, say, Grimm, which more than offsets the low attack
  • survivable, big defense and big health stats, PLUS he casts minions, providing everyone a meatshield. PLUS he debuffs the foe, so the Titan doesn’t hit as hard

All around goodness. He’s my current green development project.


He doesn’t replace BT—Buddy neither heals nor gives an attack bonus.


Yes. Jumped the gun…

Thank you… :smiley::blush::blush::blush:

He basically is a green with Ramming Pulverizer but throw in Att debuff and minions.

Well, his direct damage isn’t great. He’s really a stand-out utility hero who happens to do some damage.

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Agreed, his damage is a “throw in”.

I’m hoping to get him … and if I do, I expect to level him up after Evelyn. (Current green project) I’m kinda wondering if he will be better than Wilbur as a blue titan defense debuffer/survival aid hero. But I expect to give it a try.

He’d also be really good/fun in a green mono team.


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