Why is Black Knight Taunting Bera?

When Bera fires her special while BK has his “just a flesh wound active” we are getting the “Taunt/Protected” information.

The special occurs normally (as it should since Bera does not interact with heroes from the opposing team ) but we’re still seeing the taunt animation.

Looks like a visual bug to me, just wanted some confirmation…

Here’s a video showing the issue:

Also, I’m not sure if the same interaction would happen on a Queen of Hearts, just came across it.

It’s Bera’s poison DoT that he’s intercepting…

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Bera does not aply dot poison

Bera’s special says “Summons minions” that is it, end of story.

The summoned minions will, when they hit, at the end of the turn, apply dot damage, BK has no interaction there, the minions hit other while BK has taunt up and they apply poison to others.

Let me rephrase that, sorry, I can’t think of anything else that might causing the taunt outside of the minions. The game doesn’t always behave that way you’d expect it to. Good eye…

Interestingly enough, BK doesn’t taunt Freya who has a similar effect to Bera, the only difference is the status ailment from Bera’s minions. I wonder what the Dev explanation for this is…

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My guess is that at some point in beta Bera’s skill had something that interacted with other heroes from the opposing team, it was removed before the final version b it something must have remained hidden in the source code and its causing this “visual bug”

Yeap, I’d love confirmation from a Dev…


Noone to bring us a confirmation here? O.o

Possibly related:

Thx for the reply Dorkus!

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