Why is Ares' head so small?


Ares has a pin head and a giant (forced perspective) left arm. Why is Ares’ head so small? Post your top three answers here!

3, Ares jilted Sonya, Shaarkot and Aife in a game of cards so Shaarkot shrunk his head.

2, Ares is actually a hobbit controlling a robot suit and that’s his proper head size… it’s his body in there that’s tiny.

1, for 100 gems more you can purchase the Ares slick, megahead!



Probably you can pull it behind to get a gummy.


Ares is actually a pez dispenser?


He’s a brazilian soccer player and a victim of the zika virus?


He’s the god of war and apparently war hounds aren’t that smart, but they tend to be quite buff. Thus, a massive body and tiny head.


So it could fit into magneto’s helmet of course.


Ares infuriated the pigmy tribe of the Awarensi, who shrunk his head after the little matter of an unpaid tribal gambling debt… :laughing: