Why I'm leaving Empires & Puzzles

I’ve seen Season 2.

My reaction is tempered by who I am (relentlessly cheerful) and how I spend (not that much).

I don’t think any “future improvement” is intended to save a game; not Alliance Wars, and not Season 2…they are ongoing progression/ improvements to the game, and I view them as such.

And since my spending shan’t be changing, I don’t think I get to voice any more opinion in this thread (unless y’all get naughty). :grin:


Wow - maybe I should go back to solo. I’m playing with an alliance that I love. They are all respectful, and there’s virtually zero profanity. But I have been watching for a series of high level ascension items and I am waiting to level up all 5 of my 5* heroes. Those dang fine gloves just aren’t showing up.


yes I have to. get up the TOP my nerws. YES YES YES YES YOU right Paying milk cow
I’ve been playing for a year. In the Polish version. to confirm the observation of strange phenomena and rumors, I created 2 accounts.
I pay on one and it’s not a little different but about a few hundred US $ per month. And sporadic promotions on the other account.
My observation is: The system catches paying players and denies them the right to random luck. Whether from the draw of the heroes, from the titan or from the chest, something worth more like 4 * things to improve can not be won.
And about the draw x10 or single is 3 * the hero this standard can even repeat 3x in this draw.
For the last ewent I bought and used 20,000 DIX (20 thousand diamonds) the result of 3x draws Sier Lance Lot and 1x5 * and 5x4 * zero special characters or the hero of the month! Is not that embarrassing? There has never been a situation like this before.
Smellness of the operator of this game is already undergoing human understanding, so I will not be able to milk myself anymore and I play as the second account there, at least I have fewer heroes, but as I draw the odds are consistent with the probability calculus.


After reading your article my alliance leader and I had an in depth discussion about each of your points and others that have posted their concerns and can only agree. He has been playing for about a year and a half now and is to the point of asking himself why should I continue. I have been playing for almost a year and am at the same point. We have noticed that the 10x summons is a joke, you either get all 3* heros or a few 3* heros and maybe a four star if your lucky. During the last event I waited until the second day to do the elemental draws for a chance at an event hero and got bane and dawa, used a hero token and got a second dawa…really?

Raids are ridicolous, how is it that a team power of 2900 can wipe out my team of 3500? How can a 3* hero almost single handedly take down a four star maxed out hero?

Titans - how many purple dragons are we going to get in a row? how many bad boards are we going to get where my best score is between 4k and 9k when I usually am hitting from 14k to 20k each turn?

Agreeing with you that if much does not change here soon I am putting the game down, and I am not a big spender.


I’m not as long playing as you guys but i’ve noticed the board being ‘rigged’ not just in titan games, but in raids too. I’m finding that too often (as in not randomly enough) the board is often setup with the same coloured tiles against the enemy players, meaning that you can’t do enough damage to the enemy (as playing red against red for example results in practically no damage) but as a result they get a MASSIVE mana boost, often building up enough for 2 attacks before you can build up enough for one - that,s if your characters haven’t already been killed by then. It’s obviously rigged against you.


Please read a thread like this before jumping to conclusions


I don’t know, friend. I raid a ton and usually stack strong colors against the tank. Sometimes I get a bunch of that color, sometimes not. I win my fair share though, and I would estimate my win percentage at around 80%. No doubt it is frustrating when you use a color stack only to get two or three on the board, but it doesn’t seem reasonable to me that there would be any benefit to SG, or whomever, to sabotage people’s raids by writing some malevolent code to make players lose their raids. Like everything else in this game, it’s RNG. Maybe reading thru the forum specifically looking for posts concerning raid strategy would be helpful to you. Good Luck :wink:


Wait, what?!

Sorry, that post just seems like legal speak to confuse the issue ‘the attacker has the advantage’.

Er, no.

The attacker is using the game, the attacker has ZERO advantage over a game that is running the board! Who wrote that?!

This game basically runs like a casino, they always manage to make the odds look like they’re in your favour, but they’re not. ever heard the phrase “The house always wins”?


Who is ‘the house’? The defending player?

If the defenders have the advantage, why do we win more on offence?

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I want to thank everyone for keeping this thread clean and civil!

Let me remind tho that this is a place for ppl to voice the reasons they are considering leaving the game. Let’s please not let it degrade into bickering or debate.

*places a satchel of fake gems where @Rook normally sits - waits, snickering quietly, for the inevitable failed purchase :slight_smile: *


May be “we” won’t waste money for getting and ascending perfect defence team?

But you’re NOT playing against the other player, you can’t raid against them while they’re online. Why can there not be an option to play against someone in real time? Because then the game would not have any control and the outcome cannot be fixed. I’m 100% sure that the outcome of every raid game has been decided by the game before you start, the layout of the tiles on the board are ALWAYS lined up to give you a limited number of playable moves and often they only give you the colours that match the enemy’s player that you will hit, so you can’t do enough damage to stop them building up mana to attack you instead. The enly way you win is if the game’s program lets you, by giving you enough triples as it refills the board, the idea that you have an influence on the outcome is an illusion.

Try this for an experiment, get to a point in a raid where it’s CLEAR you are going to win, like the enemy team only having 1 player left, and TRY to lose. See how impossible it is.


I wrote that, based on nearly a year of experience playing this game, and raiding in all tiers up to and including diamond. Take it, learn from it, and start winning more raids.

Or don’t. Up to you. Your trophy count doesn’t affect me in the slightest.

The information is there for people who want to learn. It won’t benefit people who would rather whine.


The boards are totally random. You are imagining things.

(I know, I’m off topic - but this sort of silliness can’t just be ignored.)


If you are losing more than winning with all advantages you have attacking you’re doing it awfully wrong. Stop crying and try to learn. My 8 years old daughter can raid in gold and sometimes in platinum. I’m sure you can if you read @NPNKY post.

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Except that everyone keeps stating you are playing another opponent, you are NOT.

    1. The attacker is generally smarter than the AI. As the attacker, you can choose how to play the board. Do you want to work one side to avoid charging mana on the other? Can you create a diamond or a shield? Do you want to match a vertical column of tiles to only charge one opponent, or go horizontally to charge 3 a little bit each? Do you want to explode a diamond or wait? Do you want to ghost tiles to charge your specials?

The AI both creates the board AND operates the enemy team. If it creates the board it is in the position of setting up what you can and can’t do in the game. Yes, there are slight differences in how you can play one or the other, but like a card dealer stacking a deck of cards in favour of the dealer, the game can stack the board so that it can know with certainty that it will kill x number of your players before you can kill any of your opponents, by limiting the damage you can inflict on your opponents.

I’ve had boards where i literally only had 2 moves, both of which were to attack the same colour as the player, if you start off in that situation, you DO NOT have the option of attacking with either a strong enough attack in the first place, or being able to build up your own mana before you’ve already built up your opponent’s mana. So before you make any moves, if you look at the board you can work out and see that you will do little damage, and which opponent will build up mana. The only thing you can’t predict is which of your characters the mana will be used to attack (or if it’s a healer, to heal), but you know that before you even get a chance to kill one of your opponent’s characters, x number of yours will already be dead. That’s why i say the board is rigged.


If that is the case, why is it that any skilled player can generally win about 75-80% of their raids? I’ve had players in my alliance take those tips, start using them, and go from losing 75% to winning 75%, consistently. I’ve seen them jump 300-400 trophies in a couple of days.

Do bad boards happen? Sure. In my experience, I generally get about 1 bad board in 10, and about 1 stellar board in 10. The rest are more or less average. The thing that separates a winner from a whiner is how they try to turn a bad or mediocre board into a winnable one.


No, it doesn’t. The boards are random (as has been discussed to death elsewhere), and what we call the ‘AI’ is just a simple algorithm that selects which of your team members to hit with your opponent’s attacks and specials as soon as they become available. It can’t control when hits and specials become available - you do that, with your board. And you will have noticed that its target choices are predictable and usually bad. Calling it AI is generous to a fault. Artifical Stupidity would be closer to the point.

You should get bad boards sometimes, of course. Sometimes you should have few options, few of the tiles you really want, few ways to win. But as you get better at the game you will find that this happens less often, mostly (I think) because you get to know your own heroes and your opponents’ heroes quite well. There are many ways to win a match and few boards are necessarily fatal, but even now I find one every couple of days that is so bad I lose to a team of marshmallows I should beat with my eyes closed. Good - that’s what should happen with boards that are random.

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The AI in this game is dumb as hell. If you have an alb charged almost killed and a khagan in full health and 3 dead heros there is 50% chance it will attack khagan. So i don’t really believe that it is coded to do what yoi said.



Thank you very much for the lovely compliment :hugs: Sorry for the late reply, I was traveling on vacation, and only getting my titan hits in, no time to read the forum…

Yes, the inexplicable changes in titan damage were also the last straw for me. So I left the lovely top50 alliance where I was playing, and I “went into retirement”. I am now comfortably playing in a smaller alliance, hitting smaller titans.

After all, anything anybody needs is loot tier 9. That equals a C on a 9* titan. Anything else is just “nice to have” and for bragging rights. And most definitely not worth farming 24/7 to stock up on items to counteract this recent reduction in titan damage and / or the sudden titan aggressiveness. This is a game, not a job. And it is supposed to be enjoyable, not annoying.

It was interesting to read the other postings in this thread as well. Also the many postings in the thread started by Avicious. Yes, of course, some people will insist that we are all just imagining things. But then, some people used to insist that the earth is flat :grin: I personally ignore such musings.

I myself am happy and content as a “retiree”, comfortably pottering around in a smaller alliance, and - especially - not bothering with doing more than I need to do.

You see, lately, the game had been telling me very clearly “No matter what you do, what you spend, how many heroes you level, how much you play, practice and farm, you are still not good enough. Do, spend, level, play, practice, farm more, more, more!” - And after one year of playing quite intensively, I most certainly do not appreciate that. So, I decided to stop this nonsense. And glad I did. :hugs:

When I look around in the raid leaderboard, I can see that quite a number of players are also taking it slowly. To my mind, that is the best - and most enjoyable - course of action. If the game starts to tell you clearly that you are not good enough anyway, then why bother continuing to try? Waste of time, motivation and life energy.

I have got my life back! YEAH!!! :hugs:

Oh, and by the way, I greatly enjoy playing the game again. As a game. For fun.
Not as a race trying to keep up with ever moving goalposts. BIG difference. :blush:


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