Why I use Auto for Titans: Advanced Auto Strategy

I have a little strategy I use when I attack Titans. I feel it only really works for me but I am willing to share in case it might help out others.

What I have discovered is that in fighting titans, especially if the board is not particularly good, I have a hard time seeing the best possible match 3 or more gems. I have found that when racing against the clock, that hunting for the best possible matched eats away at valuable time. So I let the auto function do it…and damn it gets me hits. They may not be the best hits, but at least I am sitting there with just sub 5000 score after one titan battle.

But like I said, this is an advanced auto technique, and like all advanced techniques, it’s not going to be easy as hitting a button and let technology do it’s magic.

The strategy for is this:

Important note: I use all colors for my team. This may only work for those who use all colors.

Step 1: my battle elements include mana potions, cure potions, and weapon such as arrows and or axes. My Hero line up always has a either a power up or a hero that takes away power from titan or Hero that reduces titan defense.

Step 2: I use the mana potions one of the titan reducers or team boosters I have on my hero team. I get that all set up before anything else starts.

Step 3: I hit with weapons, arrows, flame rocks or axes if I got them.

Step 4: I take a very quick look for “stunner options” (3 gems in a row under weak indicator).

Step 5: Hit Auto!

Step 6: Watch carefully! The number 1 thing I look for is when the titan’s mana count. Once it hits and the titan is about to strike I turn OFF auto. The Titian will strike and 8 times out of 10 it will be with some kind of team defense reducer, curse, poison or something of the sort.

Step 7: Once I am hit by titan super power I use the cure potion.

Step 8: Turn auto back ON. I let this go on until the battle is over…even if the titan special power strikes again.

Note on weapons: When you use the weapons like arrows axes and so forth there are also titan reducers attached to them. In many cases I will interrupt my auto feature and use the weapon rounds one at a time to take advantage of these reducers instead of shooting all rounds at the beginning of the battle…again, if time permits. It’s a total balancing act.

Note on titan attack team: Coppersky makes an excellent point that using my technique may only work on titan attack teams that use all colors;

I don’t believe that this technique will raise your score, hell it could lower it! Use with caution. If you find that you are not getting the titan battle results you desire then maybe you are fighting the clock too much and this auto button trick may help you out. Good luck!


I have used the auto button to find a match before. But this might let people monitor the battle better for when to use special items.

I think I would want to go in with a team with a full range of colours though. The auto battle wouldn’t bother to work around gems that give no damage.


Coppersky, you are absolutely right! I use all colors on my teams. For me I have never had the best of luck with having specific colors for attacking titans.

Nice write up! Always interesting to see how people find different ways to solve certain problems! :slight_smile:

I use auto battle, but only single moves: I scan for possible moves as the previous move/titan attack is resolving and if I don’t find one within 1s or so, I tap auto twice so it only attacks once. I repeat this every time I don’t have some plan/good move about to go off. Saves a lot of time without surrendering tactics to the not-so-smart AI for the whole duration.

Also, the auto attack has a delay between shots that is not insignificant. Pay attention to how many seconds elapse between titan strike and next match and compare it to manually matching or even toggling the AI on and off. Maybe I am imagining it, but it looks as though there is effectively a built-in delay for the AI because it will not execute concurrent actions EG Activate 3 specials in order and then make a match before the first special resolves.


That’s a great idea. I’m try that next time for my Titan attacks. Thanks Samael!

I just don’t understand all this color talk, what colors, what use is it?

When people talk about color, they are talking about the five different colored gems in the game: blue, red, green, purple, yellow. They are also talking about the various heroes, each one of which is associated with one of those colors. The damage that you do when you connect colored gems, is based off of the hero you are using that same colors. So if you have a high-level red hero and a lower level green hero, you should (generally) do more damage with red gems then with green gems.

Sometimes people will bring two or more heroes of the same color, and not bring any heroes of another color. For example, you might bring to red heroes and no blue heroes. In that case, the red gems would do double damage when connected, but blue gems would only do 1 point of damage each. You might do this, for example, if you were fighting a green titan. Green enemies take half damage from blue gems, but double damage from red gems. So boosting your red gems is helpful for that fight.

People are saying that this auto battle Titan strategy won’t work if you don’t have all colors because auto battle would keep picking your colors that you have no heroes for, doing 1 damage per hit.

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Great points Traevon!

@Coppersky here is an auto technique to add to your book.

So in fighting my latest titan I was getting frustraited with having to stop and start auto because I’d really like auto to set up BoldTusks special skill because it doubles the power of my hitters, before setting off my hitters special skills. Then I noticed why the AI does what it does. When there are special attacks charged and ready to go the auto feature reads from Left to right. So I put my Bold Tusk at the furthest left side of my team and guess what, when most of my team was charged, he was triggered first and then in order from left to right the rest of the gang.

So when using auto and you have a healer who has an attack booster but them to the left side of your team. Works like a charm.


I am totally agreed with your strategy because, when playing on auto very rare will match 5 pieces. So i prefer for manual playing and hit the weak point as many times as i can.

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