Why I still love this game!

In one of the AMAs, Staff mentioned that the Valentine promotion was their most popular promotion in terms of revenue. They found our weakness! Everybody is willing to freeload off the company, but not their buddies. Result: the company makes more money. Even our love can be turned against us; how very like Valentine’s Day.




Thank you so much for clarifying :slight_smile: Happy gaming to you!

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Sorry, I do not mean to ninja the thread to ask questions, but, I hope you do not mind; What qualifies as “unfarmable” items? Thank you so much for the advice :slight_smile:


Unfarmable item’s are ascension mats you
cannot get in maps so a farmable one would be Boots or scabbards etc non farmable are like trap tools orbs compasses etc…and of course 4* AM’s the only time you can farm them is during rare quests like we just had frostmarch and the last 2 stage’s had a cape and a telescope…both used to ascend blue 4/5 * hero’s… The scopes only for 5*

And that’s more then ok again I welcome the questions I had so much help from the community… seems only Fair I pay it forward!


If there’s anything else who’s meaning is not apparent, there’s always the Fictionary.


Thank you again @OGdirty1Kanobi :slight_smile:

And thank you too @LordDust - goodness, that is one handy link! Bookmarked!


Lots of subtle nuances in this game both in playing and in speech lol I still am learning new things


Money is not necessary, but it improve your chance. Play the game for 2 years and I spend so far less than 3€. But I reached often 2700 cups before the wave of revenge is reaching me. My personal Highscore was 2772 cups.
My team power is nearly 4500 and with Telluria, Malosi, Poseidon, Ariel and Liana I am able to stand my man in battles and raids. And of course I have many 5* to get rid of in the hero academy.

But I agree that if I would spend money the VIP Ticket would be my favorite choice. Especially the second construction possibility would be nice. So I understand your strategy.

BY the way I like my Alliance too, even though we are not playing the game so intensively. So our Titans are only level 8, so what we have fun and this is the only thing for me in a game.

Cheers Reeder

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Another reason I love this game today had a great war with elfes mini basement… had a war chat on line app was a great time, being able to have a laugh also sharing attack video’s

I suggest anyone should try it

Thanks to @Elfie16 and the rest of Elfs Mini Beastment for the great fun and sharing attack vids! Was great fun :smile: :beers: and good luck


Reaching out to the community here figured I’d do it on this post…I got a dilemma, I have 2 rigard. One at +20 the other at almost 3-60, I recently got sartana, I have 4 tabards as I maxed Dom about a month ago, and also just got melendor costume, got him at +20 and obviously now another,

as it’s hard to predict when more tool’s will drop I’m thinking of either a 2nd rigard to 70 or sartana to 70 and get those last 2 tabards with RtM and morlovia… she’s one of the best sniper’s in the game, even if she’s a S1 hero…and she’d make my dark Mono very mean.

But another rigard is obviously useful in war’s etc,
I have 3 Sonya and costumes one is at +14 for fast cleansing could get her a d another Mel to 70 and then I have buff/ailments covered…

So anyone wanna chime in
2nd rigard to 70 or sartana to 70?

All opinions are appreciated!!

Happy gamig :heart:

2nd Rigard is probably first, we’ve only just had the tabard rare quest recently, so in my experience the 3* mats are about 4 times more likely to drop than 4* ones, so it seems likely that by the time you get the tabs you’ll have the tools

FWIW I have three Rigard at 18, 18 and 11 and could probably use another. Especially if you have the costume, he never runs out of usefulness in wars, and you need a cleanser on every War team in high level wars these days

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No costume for rigard yet it’s eluded me LoL but got melendor costume finally a d got him at +20, I have BT at +19 and have his costume as well so I get a good attack bonus there

And now I need more tabards and tool’s LoL single saved gem pull


20 Congratz are in order!

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Thx first HoTM yet… took a year LoL

If it’s your first Proteus that’s even better . Do him first, he is life changing . I just finished training my third, first two are at 20 and 17. Great in tourneys, events, hard boss stages, etc etc

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My 3rd Proteus lol…I got one at +18 then got sartana from tc20 so figured I’d save wizard emblems… but now after getting 2nd rigard to 70 it’s gonna be between sartana and zulag for my next tabards, sartana is a beast of a sniper but I have Dom’s costume maxed, so with her and Proteus in my dark squad I can cover everyone on poison,…zulag Seems she’d make a study tank for sure… gonna have to wait and see what the reviews say

Once again the community of this game has shown it’s true colors @WhenWeCollide during anchors live stream won a free lifetime subscription to anchor cove, but already being a member generously gave it to me. I cannot say how awesome that is and how much it’s appreciated as my financial situation isn’t the best… player’s coming together And doing thing’s like this is remarkable!

So big shout-out and thanks!
Also join anchor on YouTube subscribe and support one of the most dedicated content makers for this game

Also today in his 24 hour live stream he’s giving away a ps5 for free to a lucky person!

Happy gamig everyone :heart:


Well I think I’ve done my ranting enough on other threads with all the new content coming out and as much as there’s alot of things happening that probably will hurt the game and player base while other things in the game like adequate hero balancing glitches etc are overlooked can seem overwhelming and already seeing big players and spenders leaving which is sad as keeping up with the status quo is costing more and more and heros being released as is then nerfed is breaking trust with players and developers.

But with all this going on (and im a c2p player) I still have a good time logging in talking with my alliance members or others in GC still like talking E&P with various line groups and discord…still lots of good information and comrades in the cove.

I think that although thses changes will effect alot in the game and I hope not to the point of the game going down the tubes, but I used to spend quite a bit not near whale status but enough…I’ve gotten that down to vip…might get this Valor pass maybe not that kinda depends on how Sg responds to the current climate.

But really just going with what I got in the game for heros and making the best of it is all I can do.

It is a game and really just a time waster in essence although its more for me as a bit of self disclosure here I’ve been on medical leave for quite some time now and this game filled in the gap especially after covid, I became much more part of the community and although there is a bit of a sour taste in everyone’s mouth most are still upbeat and great to talk to. Its given me new friends and contacts broadened my experience big time while letting me escape my own head.

Anyways as for resons I’ve already stared before in this thread I do love this game. Mostly for the community but id be lying if I said it doesn’t feel good to be in a competitive alliance (not top 100 but pretty good with an amazing leader @Magnifique) that I’ve been privileged enough to be a part of and co lead, or that it doesn’t feel good to be in diamond tier everyday and so on.

I know with the changes coming some of this may be tentative unless they make a new tier or lower diamond requirements etc

Regardless I enjoy logging in everyday playing farming chatting complaining lol etc.

I guess we’ll see what the future brings as for what actually will be released and how but until then happy gaming everyone and spend wisely! :heart:


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