Why I still love this game!

Well I must say for being F2P for the most part (do use VIP/valor) I gotta say it’s making me more and more happy… tc20 Gave me Thorne last night and saved gem pull got me Norns today…and on top in a great alliance that gets to killing 10-11* titans on a regular dropping mat’s pretty frequently…just the other day dropped a tabard on a non rare…and get 2-3* mats sometimes… but also the community… @Guvnor has been awesome with me on here or line… actually helping me find new alliances when wanting to merge…my alliance leader @Magnifique… she welcomed myself and the 9 player’s I brought over with open arms and is such a kind person… always helpful and the rest of the Moonshine Warriors!

But the thrill of getting free 5s is a side note to the ppl I play with and talk to…in GC everyone is friendly (for most part LoL I usually stick to 20+)

But all in all the fact I stick to my budget and it’s really made the game so much better for me…and don’t get me wrong this isn’t a #nospend post…this is me saying how much a simple puzzle game has made my life that much more enjoyable by sticking to a budget and focusing on the good not the bad.

Recently made it to 2700+ cups and it’s Kinda sad at that point all the teams are basically cookie cutter and ppl probably spent a lot to get there…

But still the players the community the game I love it all!

Just wanted to share my appreciation for it and hopefully everyone happy gaming :heart:

And no I’m not a hippie :laughing:


Are positive posts like this allowed on the forum?

Seriously, I’m glad your enjoying the game. I usually do and I’ve always enjoyed the community.


F2P is happier for sure :joy:
No wasted money


I agree.

20 happy F2Ps :rofl:


Nice words, and I think I share the same thoughts on the game (I’m also F2P). I personally feel spending money on a game like this is a waste, but of course each one knows what they do with their money :wink:

Keep having fun, Kanobi!


I played the game, quite millitant. how can i said that i’m not in love with this game… or maybe I just like to be abused with silly summon result, awful raid board, and riddiculous upgrade cost (and time needed)

Might need help…


That’s so nice to hear. I love the community too.

Smart people drawing strategies and tables is so heartwarming to watch. I really adore it.


I went F2P in June, but the last VIP promotion was too tempting and I could not resist and bought it.
30 days VIP pass with 350 additional gems and 20% discount compared with normal VIP pass package available in store.

…Hahaha I am C2P again… Well done SG to get my money.

About my progress, level 68 with 35 of 5* of which 24 are maxed, 11 are HOTM (Just got Zocc last night from 100 Vahalla coin). I am very happy with them.


I’m glad others are sharing this enjoyment… but again I gotta emphasize it’s not a #nospend/dontspend Post…by all means if you got the cash spend away…but if you don’t then stick to a budget… Valor/VIP is by far the best offer SG has come up with… but yeah I wish everyone to enjoy this game… remember there’s peaks and valleys like anything Else in life… I’ll Go dry on mats or good hero’s for a while then seems I get a bunch in a spurt

But the post isn’t even about that either its just simply I love playing E&P even when it frustrates the S Outta me I got my friends to talk to and just seeing coordinated attacks in wars that stun new members is awesome lol

And every one reading this thread…the likes the comments… everything! Your all awesome! And this game has brought us together!


We got you, it’s a very positive post anyway ^^

It’s hard to talk about spend or don’t spend because people may do whatever they want with their money. I personally quit spending 100% after I’ve noticed that I’ll end up having tons of 5s that I won’t ever be able to max (lack of 4 AM) but it’s not something I judge others for doing.

When you’re playing for leveling your progress on the map and enjoy your current heroes it’s a lot more bright gameplay.


Yeah I agree spend away if you can afford to…but lol yes getting those 5s and not having the mats is a burden… I’ve gotten 5 blue 5s for free and only able to max 1 so far…but a good one King Arthur


Well, each one get the enjoy as their own way. Some humble people loves building their account slowly, socializing and getting what they can. Others are eager for the top and want to get everything they can. Just like the rest of the world works.

I agree with the friendly community, It´s the most mature since I play online games and despite the hatred that many can have it´s shown mostly with respect.

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Thank you for such a positive post.
I recently began playing this month, and am also really enjoying myself :slight_smile: I wish I could find a more active alliance near my level, but I am grateful for the one I am in, since they probably ‘carry’ me through it, even though we are only 10 active players. I sense, that the community really is high on the list, when it comes to the enjoyment one can get out of the game, and I think it will be for me too.

Thank you for the inspiration :slight_smile: Congrats on reaching 2700 - I always found it way more fun to accomplish things without cookie cutters! Have a nice weekend :four_leaf_clover:


Eu também recebi esse herói do mês tô feliz com isso

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Thanks yeah believe it or not got into the top 5k globally using my 3860TP dark Mono team… going against teams over 4500TP… Grinded out the diamond tier in POV in all around 3 day’s give or take…did use alot of raid flasks… well your welcome :smile: I made this post to put some positivity in here… I found myself getting wrapped up in negatively aimed threads here… instead I did opposite action…

Glad to hear you’re enjoying the game…I’ve been playing almost a year now… It’s a long distance run… but all I can say is push to SH20 and get the tc20 going… if you ever need any building tips or whatever feel free to msg me on here or line ID: ogdirty1

Good to see new faces…I’ve been given so much help in the process of learning everything… still do ask for it as there’s so much little nuances in this game that get missed when players Rush…or just focus on getting good hero’s ASAP LoL not saying you fall into that category but yeah…

All the best!

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The community element is the best part of this game.

For all it’s faults and peeves this is why makes it what it is.

It’s nice to see positive posts, we need more of them.


I’ve definitely been a (Relatively :wink: ) happy F2Per in 2020.

Bought the valentines deal where ya give gems to team mates ya know, otherwise F2P if memory serves.

It’s a good game. I like my alliance.

I enjoy a lot of what they got rolling here.

I continue to hope for things to be better, and continue to ask for things to be better all the same. BUT it’s a very well designed game (/casino :p)


If the real @Duaneski is still in there, you can fight this alien implant/brain washing/mind control drug…we believe in you! Come back!!


Couldn’t agree more! @OGdirty1Kanobi

A happy F2P here. (transitioned to F2P after being C2P for a few months).

Once the expectations are removed (or at least reduced), the actual game part becomes much more enjoyable.

Happy to see another F2P enjoying the game. Thank you for such cheerful and positive post.

Cheers!! :beers:


Always good to have more positivity :slight_smile:

I’m definitely a lot happier now that I’m in a cool, active, supportive alliance. And now that I don’t unduly pressure myself nor have too-high expectations.

I’m happy competing with myself to do better, instead of getting frustrated when I can’t beat those with much more powerful teams than I do :wink: