Why i lose all the titans inside the chest if i leave the alliance and i come back?

Is the second time i leave the alliance and at mi return i found mi titan chest empty…before leaving i had 4 titans in?

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Might it be, that you left the alliance to kill a titan in another alliance? That would’ve filled your titan chest and afterwards it started at 0/5. In that case you should be able to check whether you received any loot from the chest.

It should not be empty but only lock for 12 hour. So if you had there 4 killed titans then after 12 hour it should be there again 4/5.

I had 4 titans before i left…at mi return i had only 1…and yes the chest was blocked fo r 12 hours.The second time, same thing…ia was 2 titans before i left and at my return only 1

I think main reason is to prevent abuses. I’m really see no other reasons to jump between same alliances.

To best of my knowledge it should not reset only because you left an alliance or to prevent mercing.

Did you kill any titans in between? If so, was the titan chest unlocked after the 12 hour block?
If not, it might be a bug with the counter and block function. As far as i know, it is not intended to keep counting while locked, but maybe for some reason it did? :thinking:

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Yes…i’ve killed anothe titan in another alliance…and when come back the chest was blocked for 12 hours…and it had 1 titan inside

That’s strange. One of our newer member had still his titans in his chest after the cool down. I asked before here and it worked as expected.

When i leave the alliance my chest reset…allways

Well, i just checked it ingame. Expectedly, the chest is not intended to reset upon change of an alliance.
No idea, whether it helps to restart your device and the app, but at it’s worth a try.

Anyway, I think you should take screenshots or a video of the problem and raise a support ticket. Maybe it’s some rare event of a bug?! Any other ideas? :thinking:

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Ok…thanks…i’ll do that

I have the same problem since some days.

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