WHY I like Limit-Breakers & anything new coming to the game

And you cared enough to post that?

While accurate, if you could see a lot of topics/threads/comments in Beta, there is very often p2p players making objections on behalf of f2p. Like the new arrivals to Beta (which i won’t speak on as I’m already on thin ice) but I spoke my piece from a f2p pov.

Events are too easy > make enemies tougher > i can’t beat event > make heroes stronger.

The problem is that they created solutions to problems that weren’t a problem. Despite any/all alternative methods and/or options it never mattered what was stated, this was happening. The fears/dislikes are ultimately still coming true, and it’s equally irritating to many to level a hero yet again for the third time.

Worst of all, Limits are like putting a band aid on a broken bone. It’s not fixing nor addressing the problem it perpetuates its purpose for.

…ironically, many said the same thing when Emblems came out. Not so ironically, many of them don’t play anymore.


I’m sure many more would not be playing if emblenes were not done. The game needs constant evolution, which often translates to hero/roster evolution, or it stagnates and dies. People are not seeing that their interest levels would wane if there was nothing new to chase for in regards to their heroes

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I am still confused with the emblem hate. I was already in the forum when emblem came to the game at January 2019, but it wasn’t until GTV fiasco that I start to hear about emblem being blammed.

I don’t remember hearing an alliance teammate complain about emblem, I don’t even hear it from some other related alliances.

I personally like emblem, some might say that emblem force you to limit your selections of heroes, that is true but that is also extra challenge in team building that I love (obviously better than the team building hampered by low odds such as costume, I don’t even have costumed Rigard until now, but I don’t have to be at the mercy of RNG to fully emblem Rigard, actually this is also another positive thing about LB as it is not heavily RNG based due to high availability from quest.).

I was still a new player back then, with my limited roster, It was fun using combination of unemblemed 2* and unemblemed 3* to beat the last stage of emblem trials.


So your point about emblems and variety and fighting tough defenses will be fully revived with limit breakers. You will fight full emblem, limit broken defenses, and high troops teams in raids and wars while your attack teams will be at best half limit broken at the time.

Diversity will also be reduced in your attack teams due to the lack of limit breakers. It is essentially an unnecessary restriction on diversity of hero choices and adds to battle frustrations for a solid year or two until you can fully develop teams. Not sure how this can be exciting to any player I will use them but not thrilled.


Whose point it is? Please tag the person you are refering to.

In times of emblem, half of my team (15× 4*) were already fully emblemed when the majority of 5* defenses in top 100 had not yet fully emblemed.

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Original poster 20 char

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You’re doing what most have done when I say such. It’s not a black and white issue. It’s a very wide rainbow colored spectrum.

Everyone acting like A was/is the only solution/option. The areas this game has caused me to lose interest have/has never even been addressed.

Retrospectively, if my roster is beginning to wane and be less successful, Limits won’t change that. Its just diamonds on a turd.

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Tbh, neither do I. I did like Emblems; however, there was a lot of distaste of Classes. Regardless, the purpose it set to do it never achieved as $$ took precedent.


Based on current quests you can do 2 4* while defenses just need 1 lucky drop (or purchase) to get a 5* limit broken, and for sure 2nd quest cycle they will break 5* and so should you for defense sake

This equates to maybe 2-3 of your 5 offense heroes being LB while fighting all limit broken teams, assuming you don’t want to use heroes without the limit breaks. There will be an offense disadvantage for some time and even so in your emblem example you had roughly half your team emblemed while fighting fully emblemed teams every round of war. That is a disadvantage in power.

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I should state I am not against emblems, they are a far superior buffing mechanism.

  1. class bonuses offer something unique
  2. most stats are fixed which helps close power gaps between 4* and older 5*
  3. you can reset and reallocate as your roster changes

limit breakers being all % based do not offer anything unique. Higher % can maybe keep the 4/5* gap similar but older 5* will fall behind. From my view it just causes an unnecessary power gap with nothing new, we would have been better off expanding emblems allowed or giving fixed stats for limit break levels rather than % based.


Yes, attack will be temporary harder, that is the negative side of LB

On the positive side (as this thread ask for positive side), this harder attack effect apply not only to my team but also opponent’s team but as my attack teams still partially utilize 4*, I can LB more heroes in attack team faster than other players who no longer use 4* in their attack team.

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I completely agree with your post @Draerius

Goes back to lurking

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I think you are underestimating purchases, I’d be surprised if payers can’t keep 5* LB equal to our pace of 4* once they hit the stores. I use several 4* as well, specifically healers and other key heroes too.

Actually, you are mistaken.

Similiar percentage will keep the gap unchanged while higher % in 4* close the gap with 5*.

I already give example with damage calculation in another thread.

Wow that means LB from store will equal LB from non-store, 3 times my expectation. Is that the case with 4* AM? My 4* AM rate is 10/month. Are there 10× 4* AM sold in store each month? I rarely visit store or looking at offer …

They don’t need it to be 3x in store only. They will also rank higher in tournaments for more drops too and likely in higher alliances for war wins and chests (again another source)

I did state 4* isn’t as bad if shape close to equal (obviously depends on season, costume bonus, etc), but older 5* will suffer the most with the % method.

I don’t know why you feel a need to defend this system, it is far from perfect and could have been made in a much better way even if it was non-negotiable. Specifically fixed stat gains alone would have been an improvement over the % method. Also restrictions on what could be limit broken, etc. But the main thing to mean is it adds nothing new, just more stats, like make it do something else like a small Mana % or something to make it unique… That’s the biggest thing limit breakers are lacking IMO, something unique about them.


The damage is actually unchanged before both get LB and after both get LB. So the gap is not changed. Emblem did close the gap, and on that side Emblem is better.

But at least LB won’t make my enemies revive 4 times in a row or evade my skill 3 times in a row like emblem do. I don’t like the RNG part of emblem talent so I am glad LB do not have that.

If given a choice, I will still chose no for this feature.

Amen. :pray:

Nothing else need be said, lol.

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Finally they are showing up in wars!!! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :poop: :poop:

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@Draerius : good to know you wrote to OP after clarification was sought by a person. Like I am directly posting / replying to you, helps to speak directly.

Nothing is perfect / ideal in this game, so when players / you write about problems like this or that will happen, still persist for a longer period of time, I simply laugh it off, becoz I see complain - complain & complaints = lack of creativity & the fixed view that the GAME should operate in some ideal manner to please certain type of players…

Pal, doesn’t work like that. LBs are a play tool : hero enhancement tool : SO irrespective of what another player is doing, I prefer to have my OWN - PLAN - of - ACTION about how I will use LBs. This way, I use my choice, as per my style of play = the real purpose of LBs, instead of copying others.

The point about emblems making heroes stronger… example was writen in OP in a context, please re-read & you will understand… so I won’t repeat here again!

Finally, for you & others, My personal strategy to use LBs is very simple. I am identifying from my current roster of 3-4-5* heroes, which are the ones that I will use till the game exists & will put in a plan to LB them for my mainly offensive play, where I control things = Also enjoy my experience of playing this fab GAME :wink:

My currently priority list for heroes getting LB is & will +/- later:
3s : Nordri / Gunnar / Brienne
s : Wilbur / G. Jackal / 2 Costume Kirils / Jott / Frank
5*s : Frigg / Gazelle / All elemental def down / Def down / Hatter / Skadi / LoLo

Game is NOT about war / raid defence teams ONLY…!!

Example from today’s war: 25+ defences of opposition was 4750+ TP compared to our defences being lower. We won by 800 points, we led from the beginning AND our defences were more difficult to defeat. I am sure you will imagine many factors contributing to our victory !! There’s the reality check for you :grinning:

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