WHY I like Limit-Breakers & anything new coming to the game

SG simply doesn’t select anyone for beta testing. They do some verification before adding anyone to beta. They respect beta testers, sometimes they won’t not listen to us but they will never remove any beta testers. It’s our wish to leave beta, I suggest you to give respect to our fellow beta testers for their time spent for testing.

Coming to the topic I tested it and I’m not against the LB feature. My suggestion was to release it for rare, epic and season 1-2 legendary hero’s first. S4 hero’s and new event hero’s already have high stats so making them more stronger will make war and raid more tough.( LB quests will be available only once or twice in a month) There are lots of P2P players in beta as well and many of them were against this feature.

There is no disrespect for beta testers but at the same time, simply repeating that 80% were / are against LBs on every forum in the name of beta testers, does become an overloaded bombardment, which we players can do without after a certain amount of time.
beta testers are not experts but players just like any of us who have just tested / played a THING earlier & hence have a view before us regular players. Personal likes / dislikes, styles (F2P, C2P, P2P) also come into expression… while giving opinions = limits many realities !!

Keeping the above two points in mind, I wrote that if beta is so against LBs & almost closed on it AND still SG has chosen to proceed forward, then beta testers have missed out some logics and hence there needs to be an overhaul to bring in new perspective.

Anything becomes worn out over a period of time and requires fresh mind / perspectives… which is what I am exploring with my OP about constructive uses of LBs, instead of the WHY they are BAD, which has dominated this forum.

The creative uses that are trickling out and many already being implemented shows that the main concern of super OP of 5*s is far from being real anytime soon.

Lets have fun with whatever the game has already put in player’s domain… is my context for this post-thread !!


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Oh Sorry I thought that this post “WHY I Like Limit-Breakers & anything new to game” was for people to comment on your statement that LB is GOOD and “anything new” is also GOOD.

If this is a post regarding on how to use LB I’ll reiterate what I said in my first post, that this post should be merged. Good candidate [Master Discussion] - Mirages of Omega (Limit Breaker) Quest - Guide, Sharing & Discussion

I’m sure they will guide you to take good long run decisions.

Have a nice game :slight_smile:


Yes I’m not saying they are experts but they are the players whom SG selected for testing out of million players. They have knowledge and played for long. Many beta testers are new, added this year and with release of LB many beta testers quit recently. I’m not against your thread to discuss about LB and not against LB feature also. Everyone has their own opinion. I’m just saying it’s good to think about the future consequences before releasing any feature. Everyone loves this game and that’s why we are still playing from 3-4 years.


I was just clarifying my context for saying word pertaining to beta testers & not entirely disagreeing with your comment.

Beta testing is an important part of any type of development & testers are valuable entities / people who provide their value time / energy / intelligence that benefits the end users & their experience of the product / service.

I am amazed at your desire to speedily MERGE this post using any / some reason :grinning:

It is a WHY I like it OP & from WHY I like it follows various reasons / usages for liking it
Now the LBs are in player inventories for their own bit of direct personal experience & NOT depend on beta tester feedback only…

Trust that clarifies :wink:

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Why I like limit breakers?

I think I have talk so much at another thread about 4* have larger %stat increase from LB than 5* and how that benefit me, so I won’t talk about it again.

The ridiculous reasons I like limit breakers are:

  • Hey, if a lot of players really leave because of LB, doesn’t that means there will be less competitor I have to compete against at NT and Challenge Events?
  • If a lot of players really leave, doesn’t that means SG will finally notice it and realize what players want?

While all reasons are unique & have their point, having less players would be sad, but it is, what it is…

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Personally I have no desire to help anyone to make a choice.
I prefer them to make bad choice they will regret to realize how bad this feature is.

I’m a long term player and I don’t see any positive outcome from this:

  • challenge event will be even more harder to compete now;
  • weekly tournament will be a nightmare. It already was tough to reach top 1% for 3*/4* without emblems on these heroes (except my 4* stars healers which was more a burden than anything else for competing in 4* tournaments)
  • raid/war will be less enjoyable for obvious reasons.
  • other pve: who cares?

From first quest, Two regular use 4s seem to have become 5s !!

(Found them from shared pics)

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You must not have read the Q&A then. SG admitted themselves that “business parameters” forms a large part of their decisions on pushing out new content, even if said content is opposed by a large majority of the playerbase. So no beta testers didn’t “missed out some logics”, it’s just when compared to the goal of ensuring this game keeps generating a profit, anything that doesn’t align with that ultimate goal is rejected.


I have read Q&A well & have commented on it with concerns & confidence about what SG team’s shared points.

That beta related comment of mine was made in a specific context & NOT in anyway an overall judgement on all beta tester team of players / the process of beta testing.

Now that LBs are reality, searching creative ways forward is the key, which requires to leave the past in the past as a player.

In practical game play, as the Limit-Broken hero details are coming out - Kiril, Jott, etc the regularly-daily used heroes are becoming 5*s = Initial move seems more towards daily use heroes being broken & NOT the defence teams, bcoz of the checks & balances built in.

I am sure, with easily made abundant resources available in beta to test heroes, this aspect of what type of heroes will be broken more in practical gameplay may have been missed out = a limitation of a fixed environment testing compared to a raw out there real environment testing…

Huge points on Defence teams will become super OP was a main concern… which may not be so prevalent in the game meta for a long time & we may deal with higher OP heroes of Season-5 instead…!!

That’s my understanding… which is emerging more, when I seek out reasons to like LBs & how to engage thru them!!



What “checks and balances” exactly? What’re you basing all this on? I’m sorry but this reads mostly like your own wishful thinking. The fact of matter is top 100 (actually let’s extend this to top 500) alliances will limit break their war defense first, which may or may not coincide with their raid defense.

Actually why am I even trying to explain this, this will basically be like when emblems were first introduced all over again. Except maybe worse since emblem drop rates were rather pathetic up until around October of last year, but now with just one quest you’re only one 5* aether away from limit breaking a 5*. And I’m 100% sure we’ll see aether offers for sale very soon. So a few months from now, I fully expect to see lv 85 defenses in diamond. Maybe high diamond, but they will be there I practically guarantee that. Oh and wars are going to be a huge slogfest as well, same thing with 5* tourneys.


New colour Aethers (Fire, Nature) drop in via War victory rewards…

Just want to thank SG for introducing limit breakers.

I have long considered going FTP but it wasnt untill this moment that I truly have become that.

With the introduction of LB and the very soon after announcement of yet another new set of heroes comming that start as slow but can increase to very fast fairly easily that I decided no heroes now are worth summoning for.

I will continue to play as i love this game but i will stop spending on portals for atleast 6 months to see what comes as limit breaking todays heroes will assumingly be a waste of time compared to limit breaking heroes yet to be introduced.


20 crickets chirping

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I can see where you’re coming from, and I applaud your decision @MrAnderson! :+1:

I strongly dislike the continued direction of the game. Thus my wallet is firmly shut.


And yet you cared enough to post this asinine comment. :roll_eyes:


Trully thanks SG, more C2P/P2P convert to F2P means I have less C2P/P2P to compete against in tournament. :star_struck:

Welcome to F2P world. :innocent:

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